My name is Yvonne Eijkenduijn. I live with my artisan husband, Boris (who I affectionately call Bo) our cat, Moose (short for Pompelmoose) and a rabbit called Whopper, in an old gentleman’s house from 1896 in Lommel, Belgium. I’m currently busy to change the house to an old ladies home replacing a lot of brown with pink and white, my two favourite colours. I was born and raised in The Netherlands but since my late teens I’ve lived in America, England, Suriname and now in Belgium. I’ve decorated quite a few homes, raised 13 kittens, fell in love only three times and baked a lot of cakes.

I am a blogger, a photographer, a food columnist for SJIEK, an author and a shopkeeper. I love cake and Christmas, both equally.

“I try to live each day like freshly shaven legs under clean sheets.”

The nicest thing ever said about me …

“Yvonne injects color and vivacity into every single thing in her life. Her exuberance and love of home bursts through everything she touches like pure sunshine.”

— Lori Pickert