My name is Yvonne Eijkenduijn. I live with my husband Boris (who I affectionately call Bo) our cats, Bonbon and Truffel and two bunny rabbits, Ludwig (beethoven) and Gustav (Mahler) in an old clock shaped farmhouse house from 1932 in Lommel, Belgium. I was born and raised in The Netherlands but since my late teens I’ve lived in America, England and now in Belgium. I’ve decorated and renovated five homes, raised 14 kittens, fell in love only three times and baked a lot of cakes.

I am a blogger, author of 3 cookery books and a photographer.

Together with my husband I run a decorating business where you can hire us to decorate your home or to set out your complete home renovations. We also help you sourcing for building materials, we help you with making a colour palette for your home or we can take over completely and function as a contractor. Just get in touch

I love cake and Christmas, both equally.

“Yvonne injects color and vivacity into every single thing in her life. Her exuberance and love of home bursts through everything she touches like pure sunshine.”

Lori Pickert

Get in Touch

If you’d like to work with me or advertise on my website, please get in touch. I do not work with banner ads or sponsored links. I like long term partnerships with brands, products and people that I love. I also really love snail mail and I love reviewing books.

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The Netherlands