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DIY Wallpaper Crackers

This is a DIY from the 2012 archive and are inspired by the Liberty of London Christmas crackers from 2012. Back then I decided making my own with bits of wallpaper remnants, I still do this 8 years later.

Here’s how to make your own, it’s really simple and actually quite quick to make.

Buy cheap DIY crackers. use white glue and roll out evenly with a felt paint roller, use a piece of plastic that doesn’t hurt to get dirty.

Press the wallpaper on top, cut around using scissors and cut out all the other bits using a Stanley knife. Be careful for not cutting the fireworks. Don’t forget to deep cut all the inserts.

This is what the cracker looks like after cutting (picture left) and this when you turn it around (picture right).

Now insert to make it round. Only tie the top of cracker so that you can add a paper crown and a gift. Then tie the bottom bit of the cracker and you are done.

I stuck a name tag on the back of each cracker as I didn’t want to ruin the pattern of the wallpaper. Now I know which one is which as I placed a personalised gift in each cracker. Let me tell you that it’s quite hard finding a gift so small that fits inside a cracker, but I did it in the end.

Behind all the bits of wallpaper is a story. I bought the top one at a local shop selling vintage wallpaper. The second one is the first wallpaper I used for the downstairs loo. The third is a leftover piece from a friend’s hall I wallpapered for her years ago. The fourth is from the same local shop. The fifth is the wallpaper I had in my previous kitchen and the sixth is a roll I bought in a sale as I thought it was so pretty.

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