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A Room of One’s Own

It’s actually the home office and as Boris doesn’t do admin I guess it now has become my room. It used to be a library when we first bought the house with a very wobbly bookcase situation a black tiled floor and a chipwood accent wall. I also edit my photo’s in this room, I blog in this room and I store all my Yvestown memorabilia in this room. If I’ll ever win an award, I’ll definitely keep it in this room.

I’m typing this post from that desk which was a Marktplaats find. I painted it Farrow & Ball Light Blue and replaced the knobs with porcelain knobs from Zara Home. Bo made that portrait of me a few years ago when I was a few kilos heavier. I still love it though even though I don’t look my happy self, it’s still a face I sometimes carry. Lisa Hannigan signed that record for me and The Little Women print is by Emma Block, I still need to frame it. The bag is an oldie from Meri Meri I call it my schoolbag as it holds books, pencil cases and other junk.

I also painted that cabinet in Farrow & Ball Light Blue and it’s stuffed with my books, paint, magazine features but also books written by my friends. I still need to organise and display everything a bit better but for now it will do. It’s my happy memories cabinet.

The flower map and the stripy top poster are by Jenna Alexander, her work makes me extremely happy. Check out her instagram as she has a beautiful home, studio and a very cute family.

These IKEA shelves where left over from when this room functioned as a shop, I used to display all the cards I had for sale on those shelves. I didn’t want to remove them and leave a ton of holes so I filled them with paper things that inspire me. There’s also a table in the middle of the room but that still needs styling, I also need a rug for this room and a new lamp. When all that is done I’ll give a full room tour with before and afters.

The wallpaper in the first photo is called Mallow (Dusky Rose) and is by Morris & Co. The floor is painted in my signature pink, you can find all the paint numbers I use on my Paint Guide page.


  • Etta
    29 July 2020 at 23:59

    Beautiful! I am sure there will be an award in that room one day!

  • Rachel
    31 July 2020 at 01:50

    What a lovely room.
    The portrait of you is stunning even if it is a bit out of date.

    • Yvonne Eijkenduijn
      3 August 2020 at 14:04

      Thank you Rachel, I love it too and will never stuff it in a corner.


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