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The Cookbookcase

And all of a sudden I was fed up with this weird blank wall in our dining room that just stood there being a blank wall. I was also fed up with all my cookbooks cramped up in my kitchen, catching grease and dust. So I sat down and drew yet another bookcase.

All of the cookbooks I own are in this bookcase which is brilliant as I can order them by colour. It’s very essential with the amount of books that we own that they are ordered by category and not by colour, I’ve tried this but it turned out in a constant fox hunt; “what colour was that book on herbs?” …. “I can’t remember the colour, was it a large or a small book?” arrrggghhh, we are not going to do that again. But as for my cookbooks, it’s different as Boris doesn’t cook, there are only a few and I know them all by heart.

In a next post I will describe the whole construction and the paint colours I’ve used. And in a next, next post I will write a bit more on my love of cookbooks and how I use them.

And I’d like to announce the winner of the Brabantia Giveaway – Anne Kruijer – Yay! Thank you all for leaving comments, I enjoyed reading them so much.

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