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    Let it Go

    It must have been the most favourite phrase of 2014 en 2015. And yes, I am a Frozen fan. What is it with that movie? I remember watching it with my mother earlier this…

  • Cooking & Baking Craft & DIY

    Myself and Maggi

    Things are quite busy these days. Promoting books, working on another book (to be released spring 2016), writing my column for Sjiek magazine, doing lots of productions here and there and maintaining this lovely…

  • Craft & DIY

    Embroidered Napkins for Easter

    Sunday it’s Easter, spring’s Christmas … or it feels like that these days. The supermarkets were packed today and also IKEA. Those ball pools always freak me out as it’s a pool full of…

  • Craft & DIY

    Cleaning Basket

    My home is rather big and although I have a busy schedule I love to clean my own home. I makes me feel that I’m on top of things and that I know for…

  • Craft & DIY Home & Garden

    Danny Deckchair

    Last year I bought two vintage deck chairs at a flea market with the intention to sew new covers for them, but they stayed in the garage as summer was short and wet. Today I…

  • Craft & DIY

    The Yvestown Fair Apron

    One of the advantages of being married to a  man who doesn’t care much about “being a man” is that I get to dress him up so now and then. I really like him…

  • Craft & DIY

    How To Make Bunting

    Those in central Europe did you survive the weekend heath? I’ve been soaked in my own sweat for the entire two days and hated it. So I went downstairs, where my studio is and…