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  • Home & Garden

    Kitchen Changes

    Because there wasn’t a proper kitchen when we first moved into our home, 8 years ago, we had to come up with a real fast plan. I basically copied the kitchen we had in…

  • Home & Garden

    Planning Bedrooms

    2016 is going to be a big year for my home. We moved here in 2008 with the house almost being in ruins and 8 years later we are still renovating. We had 3…

  • Home & Garden

    The Front Garden

    When we moved to this house in 2008 this is what the house and garden looked like. It was actually worse as the whole house (roof included) was covered in ivy. As you can…

  • Home & Garden

    An in-Between Bedroom Makeover

    We still need to renew the roof of our home but we’re still mentally not ready for it. As our house has a French roof, with renewing the roof we’ll also have to sacrifice…

  • Home & Garden

    Living Room Under Construction

    And now that the boot room is all happy and white we’re cracking on to the largest room on the ground floor and that’s the living room. This is the bare living room today.…