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Happy New Things

Oh hello, happy 2018 form the woman who disappeared. Well I needed to disappear for a while as I needed to get some life stuff sorted and I did.…

Craft & DIY

The Crochet Archive

Happy Monday! Just recently I posted this photo on Instagram. After that post I have been sending the pattern link to lots of people. This is a friendly reminder…


Ho Ho Ho

Sorry no Christmas decorating photo’s this year as this temp house doesn’t feel like home. It feels like we are on holiday with our own stuff. But not to…


Wonder Woman

Today it’s my mother’s birthday but it’s also international girls day. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that those two events share a date. My mother raised…


Papa by Boris

Boris van de Grint, that’s the name of my husband and he’s a painter, a very talented one who has made quite a few paintings for our home, and…