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    Out in the Apple Orchard

    There’s something so magical about orchards. I one day hope to own an orchard, any orchard just the sake of having one is fine by me. My Friend Lianne and her husband Jacco own…

  • Lifestyle

    Farm Bloggers at Walnuts Farm

    Just for one day we were farm bloggers. On Friday April 4 Geraldine, Lottie, Emily, Catherine, Tina, Igor, Bridgee, Kat and I got Walnuts Farm in East Sussex to ourselves for one whole day.…

  • Lifestyle

    A Weekend in Kent

    Early Saturday morning I left for Kent UK with my friends Daan, Joscha, Monique and Ellen for a weekend away. With so much going on in our lives we needed some women bonding, plan…

  • Home & Garden Lifestyle


    Recently I have been blueberry picking, lavender picking and now the day before yesterday I found myself flower picking. It’s a new trend isn’t it? We all want to be closer to nature, get…

  • Home & Garden Lifestyle

    Mayfield Lavender

    Yesterday my friend, Selina, took me to Mayfiled Lavender for a walk. Although that lavender isn’t currently on it’s best peek, it was still beautiful. There were hundreds of bumble bees and the smell…

  • Lifestyle

    Coming Up Roses

    Just two days before the doctor let my father in law go I got the most exciting e-mail from the press department of Cath Kidston, I was invited to celebrate Cath’s 20th birthday of…