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  • Home & Garden

    The End of an Era

    And just like that we have sold our home in Belgium. After living here for 8 years we feel the need to move on and try something new. I also know that lots of…

  • Craft & DIY Home & Garden

    Choosing Colours

    It’s been awhile since I last wrote about paint and colours. Instagram always inspires me to write about certain topics as readers are so much more active in leaving comments over there as to…

  • Home & Garden

    The New Living Room – so far

    To be honest I thought the whole room switcheroo was going to take ages but instead it went really fast. For the past two years Bo has been in a difficult place and with…

  • Holidays Home & Garden

    Christmas House

    Our “spring” Christmas house is ready for Christmas. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas as it’s hot and I can walk around without a coat outside. Even the light is really bright and sharp.…

  • Home & Garden

    Moose and the Chair

    There’s no denying that I love winter. I was born on the 6th of December on a cold winters morning, so it must run through my veins. I really dislike when people say that…

  • Craft & DIY Home & Garden

    A Wood Poster Hanger

    Last week I bought this vintage camomile chart. As I don’t want to put it behind glass I had to come up with an easy wood hanger system so that the poster didn’t loose…

  • Home & Garden

    The Glass Jug

    My friend’s parents in law own a holiday home in Italy and they apparently drink a lot of wine when they are down there. They drink wine from jugs and my friend gave me…

  • Home & Garden

    Snuggle Up, I’m Back

    Thank you all so much for your sweet words, for the cards, text messages, e-mail and even for your presence during the emotional time of saying goodbye to my father in law. On Monday…

  • Home & Garden

    Living Room Under Construction

    And now that the boot room is all happy and white we’re cracking on to the largest room on the ground floor and that’s the living room. This is the bare living room today.…