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  • Craft & DIY Holidays

    Deer Tag Christmas Cards

    Each year I make my own Christmas cards as a tradition. Sometimes I design them in Illustrator and let them print off, but they are always designed by me. This year I used my…

  • Craft & DIY

    Circus Letters

    I’m not one for following trends or styles as I like what I like and a trend can’t force me to like something else. I had plants in my home before the whole plant…

  • Craft & DIY

    My Storefront for Villa ArenA

    Remember way back when I told you I had to fill a storefront at Villa ArenA shopping mall in Amsterdam? Well the moment is here to reveal it to you. I don’t really know…

  • Craft & DIY

    Villa ArenA Storefront Sneak Peek

    Last week Bo and I drove to Amsterdam to start filling the window display I did for Villa ArenA Woonmall. I had to gather furniture and decorations from 50 stores, so it was quite…

  • Craft & DIY

    Wallpapered DVD or CD Storage Boxes

    Ever since I lived on my own I have been buying DVDs. Some I have passed on and some I’ve kept. It’s crazy how much space DVD boxes take, I’ve kept a blue cupboard…

  • Craft & DIY

    Villa ArenA Storefront Inspiration

    Next month I will be presenting a storefront at Villa ArenA woonmall in Amsterdam, one of the largest interior malls in the Netherlands. The idea behind the window display at Villa ArenA is that I…

  • Craft & DIY Home & Garden

    DIY Pegboard

    Today I’m going to share the last DIY I did for Dille & Kamille. It was such a pleasure working for them. I hope you have enjoyed all of my previous “Dille DIYs”. How…

  • Craft & DIY

    Crochet Clothes Hangers

    It’s been way too long and I won’t let that happen again. It just seems that everything I do is in a bit of a knot and I find it hard to get that…