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    Christmas House

    Our “spring” Christmas house is ready for Christmas. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas as it’s hot and I can walk around without a coat outside. Even the light is really bright and sharp.…

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    Redecorating Again

    We’ve been living in this house for almost 7 years and we are still not done renovating and decorating. It’s a large, old and worn down house. See it like this; you have a…

  • Holidays Home & Garden

    The Christmas Dining Room

    There’s something about a dining room that I can’t explain in words without using my hands to make grand gestures. I’ve always dreamed as a little girl to own a dining room. Growing up…

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    A Leen Bakker Giveaway

    For those of you who’ve never heard of Leen Bakker, let me introduce them to you. In 1928 Cornelis Bakker opened a soft furnishing shop in Rotterdam. Years later Cornelis son, Leen, turned his…

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    The Marigold Rug

    There’s a new rug in my dining room. A really happy, large and soft rug … made from hemp and all the way from Australia. Last week I posted a little teaser on Instagram…

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    Recently I have been blueberry picking, lavender picking and now the day before yesterday I found myself flower picking. It’s a new trend isn’t it? We all want to be closer to nature, get…

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    The First Signs of Christmas

    Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday and as I found out that Bo didn’t plan any work we’ve decided to drive up to England to do some Christmas shopping. Now what’s a better Birthday…