Craft & DIY/ Holidays


It’s Santa Lucia today, the Swedish celebration of light for those of you who don’t know. It marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The tradition is that early in the morning girls in white dresses with red sashes and candles on their heads awaken the family and the elderly and bring them food. I’ve made these dolls for my best girl, Maantje Piet. This is what you need: Wooden…

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Holidays/ Home & Garden

Yvestown Christmas Past

Today I like to take you on a journey through my Christmas past as much has changed but yet nothing drastically. I love Christmas, I truly do. It’s been fed by my parents and it will always stay there in that warm place in my tummy. It’s the whole December month which starts with my birthday on the 6th, the cold, the darkness, the festive food, supermarkets and shops and…

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Cooking & Baking

Zucchini Bread

This is a recipe I made last October with the many zucchinis from my garden. I don’t have an oven in the temp house (yes you read that right, I DON’T HAVE AN OVEN) so I have to look at this picture and drool and hope that the months go by really fast. The dishes are by Bloomingville. Have a yummy Monday x…

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Home & Garden

New Home

And thus things went a little bit different as we thought or planned. We planned to quietly live in this temporary rented home, find a holiday home in Sweden, do it up and find a permanent home in The Netherlands all over the period of a few years … that was the plan. And then the most perfect house in our home town popped up on my computer screen and…

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Craft & DIY/ Home & Garden

No Sew Curtains

We are quite settled in our temporary home in Lommel Belgium. It’s quite comfortable here, I’m already planning remodels and renovations but alas it’s a rental. With that in mind I don’t want to do a lot of permanent decorating, like spending a ton on curtains. I had a few pink linen tablecloths laying around so I ended up making curtains without doing any sewing. I used rings and clips…

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Home & Garden/ Lifestyle

Le Creuset and Westwing

Hello, … I’m so giddy as I have recently found out about Westwing and they have a Le Creuset sale going on. A few weeks back there was also a Le Creuset sale going on, so I signed up and had an amazing offer on a few casseroles. I was in desperate need of a new casserole as the one I had was becoming quite tatty. I bought it years…

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Wonder Woman

Today it’s my mother’s birthday but it’s also international girls day. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that those two events share a date. My mother raised me as from my 14th birthday all by herself as my father quite abruptly passed away. My sister and brother who are both respectively much older than I already moved out or were on their way to move out. So for…

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