• Home & Garden

    The New Living Room – so far

    To be honest I thought the whole room switcheroo was going to take ages but instead it went really fast. For the past two years Bo has been in a difficult place and with…

  • Home & Garden

    A Real Bed and a Giveaway

    While Bo is working downstairs I’m pottering all over the place. Although it’s going to be late this year, probably early next year that we are going to renovate the upstairs I can’t resist…

  • Home & Garden

    Kitchen Ramblings and Pendants

    And just like that, after endless rain that never seemed to stop, there was a massive amount of sunlight in my kitchen – just for me and the little Moose. I’m really slowly changing…

  • Cooking & Baking Holidays


    Happy 2016!! I took a mini break so that I can start 2016 rested and fresh. I’ve made these two mocktails as I want to live a cleaner life in 2016. I want to…

  • Home & Garden

    Planning Bedrooms

    2016 is going to be a big year for my home. We moved here in 2008 with the house almost being in ruins and 8 years later we are still renovating. We had 3…

  • Holidays Home & Garden

    Christmas House

    Our “spring” Christmas house is ready for Christmas. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas as it’s hot and I can walk around without a coat outside. Even the light is really bright and sharp.…