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    Cookbook of the Month

    Yvestown Kookt, my new book, has made it to cookbook of the month August in The Netherlands and Belgium. This is quite a big honer. What does this entitle? The book will be for…

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    Yvestown Kookt Blogtour

    12 juli: “This book is by far the best book Yvonne made. I love the cover, the recipes are easy to make and the photography is again a party.” – Culinessa 13 juli:…

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    My New Book “Yvestown Kookt”

    Which means Yvestown Cooks, like I basically do everyday, so much that the editor of a weekend newspaper glossy, Sjiek, asked me to share a weekly column with the food I like and how…

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    Papa by Boris

    Boris van de Grint, that’s the name of my husband and he’s a painter, a very talented one who has made quite a few paintings for our home, and other people’s homes, but has…

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    Just recently I’ve re-discovered Pinterest. I’ve never been a huge fan before, but that’s because I didn’t really get it. I started out using Pinterest as a proper pinboard, a place where I could…

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    Mothering Sunday

    On the 8th of May it will be mothering Sunday in Belgium and The Netherlands. It’s all a bit confusing to me why they don’t turn this day into a world wide fixed event…

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    Out in the Apple Orchard

    There’s something so magical about orchards. I one day hope to own an orchard, any orchard just the sake of having one is fine by me. My Friend Lianne and her husband Jacco own…

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    The Shopkeeper’s Home

    My friend Caroline Rowland of Patchwork Harmony and 91 Magazine wrote the most amazing book. A book that was on my wish list months ago as I was so excited about the content. Don’t…

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    Anke and Frank’s Wedding

    Did you notice that for the past two weeks I have been posting three times a week? I want to make a habit of it. There will be posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.…

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    For the past two years I’ve been trying to find the perfect small over de shoulder bag. I’m extremely picky; the strap is too long, the strap is too short, the leather is too…