Sissy-Boy and Yvestown


Happy Monday!!!

Let me start the week by sharing some exciting news about the collaboration my publisher and I made with Sissy-Boy. For those of you living outside The Netherlands and Belgium let me explain what Sissy-Boy is. Sissy-Boy is an all Dutch concept store divided over three main activities. There's Sissy-Boy Homeland for home décor, Sissy-Boy Fashion for clothes and Sissy-Boy Daily for food. Not all shops house those 3 activities mostly the stores in larger cities do.

The stores are amazing, selling all sorts of beautiful and honest products. And as of the 27th of March all of the Homeland stores will sell my book - EEK! And if that's not enough they have made a special Yvestown in de keuken tea towel to celebrate the launch. It comes in three colours; pink, green and blue. The tea towels will sell for about €4.95 (it's a steal) in all the homeland stores and in my web shop for those of you who can't make it to Sissy-Boy.

The launch party will be on the 27th between 16:00 and 18:00. I'll be signing the book between 18:00 and 19:00 and you'll be able to buy a tea towel in the Sissy-Boy store on the Java Island in Amsterdam.

After the 27th I'll be signing my book in another 6 Sissy-Boy Homeland stores. You can find the dates and stores on the event page. It would be really great to meet you there as often enough I never get the chance to meet you and I would LOVE TO MEET YOU, I'll promise to bring cake.