The Yvestown Fair - Part Two


Even though the weather was supposed to be cloudy but dry, it did rain on the day of the fair. And to be honest, it did rain a little bit inside of my heart as my whole vision of the fair ended up being under the water.

Fortunately I have my friend, Sofie, down the road who owns tents.


That's most of all what the fair is about, a day with friends. Whatever they sell their beautiful products, bake amazing cakes and cookies (thank you Ellen) or spread out tasty buns for the visitors like my buddy, Roel, does in my kitchen. And wear aprons that match the kitchen and don't moan about it.

To me the fair shows me the luck I have to be surrounded by so many creative and friendly people.

Some of their stories: 

Of course I didn't have time to take proper photos as I've been running around and chatting all day but I do have some aftermath shots that I couldn't resist to post.

Proof that my kitchen is actually used on a daily basis, even on fair days.