African Flower Crochet Pattern


Dear Yvestown readers, 

I feel like I've lost you through my blog publisher moves. The stats (as far as I understand those) tell me that you still read me but the comments are missing out and I miss your comments.

I have to admit that for the past few months my blog has not been what my blog has been all about. That's because I'm expanding ...  I do literally 4 up to 6 different jobs a day. I'm a home maker, photographer, blogger, stylist, writer, cook, accountant and toilet lady all in one day. So sometimes after I cleaned the bathroom, edited photos for my book, did some crochet for my blog, planned a fair and done all my husband's business admin, I find myself really tired and drained.

I need to find a balance between all those jobs as it's not a 9-5 office job where I exactly know what I have to do that day.

But most of all I want to be a good blogger as that's what I mostly love to do and what lets me do all those other jobs. 

So as from today I'll try harder, do some wiggling and will eventually settle back here.  Kicking off with a pattern I've been asked about a million times over the past few months. I haven't invented it but I always do make my own versions.

The Stitches

  • sl st=slip stitch
  • dc=double crochet
  • sc=single crochet
  • ch=chain

Easy pattern, perfect for beginners who want something different to a granny square. 

The Pattern

Foundation chain: ch 6, sl st to make a round or use a magic ring. 


Round 1: (colour 1) ch 3, 1 dc, ch 1, *2 dc, ch 1, * repeat until you have six spaces and six 2 dc. sl st into the 3rd chain of the beginning round. Fasten off.


Round 2:  (colour 2) start in a space. ch 3, 1 dc in same space, *ch 2, 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc in next space - repeat * 5 times. sl st into the 3rd ch of the beginning round.


Round 3: sl st in the first 2 ch to reach the first 2 ch space of the prevoius round. ch 3, dc 6 in the 2 ch space, ch 1, * dc 7 in next 2 ch space, ch 1, repeat * 5 times. sl st into the 3rd ch of the beginning round. Fasten off.


Round 4: (colour 3) ch 1, sc around and make a long stitch down in round 2 between each flower petal. End with sl st. Fasten off.


Round 5: (colour 4) ch 3, dc around and place dc twice in the ch of the petal that sticks out most. End with sl st. Fasten off.