Dahlia Kick Starting


In a couple of weeks the chicken will get a bigger coop as the garage is fixed up and we'll be able to park inside.


This is basically the plan. The gravel will go out, the fencing will be replaced from left to right and the greenhouse will be in corner. I'll plant Dahlias all along the fence to get some colour in as it's a bit boring right now.

But, as always, I am a bit impatient so I'm kick starting my Dahlias in pots in a mini greenhouse. I've done this before and it works brilliantly.

This is also the time to do it. Planting Dahlias in the cold ground will make them die as it's too cold but kick starting them in pots and planting them out in June will give you very early flowers and that's what we want.


I've cut out the wrapper pictures and stuck them on to the pots so that I know which one is which. I've reused the containers of the Lavatera plants I've bought last year. I really love the colour and the shape. I've bought that mini greenhouse a year ago for just €19.95 and it's brilliant. It's housing sweet peas and tomatoes.

Have a happy monday xox