The Indoor Outdoor Room


Boy have I been busy working on my home and various other projects. With a month left to The Yvestown Fair I need to get the front garden in tip top shape but I've been slacking and getting my boot room decorated.

We've made a massive transformation from something that looked like a weird conservatory, build in the seventies and totally mismatched to the architecture of the house, to a full functioning boot room/larder/indoor-outdoor room. Oh my the possibilities.

We got rid of the roundness and the single glazed hall of windows, that left us poor after the winter days.


Top print: sugarloop - Bottom print: by me - Fabric: dotty by Cath Kidston

We can now walk straight into the garden (and back and forth and back and forth, like cats like to do) pick veggies and flowers and hang the laundry out to dry in the sun. It's just too idyllic but I'm in love with this wee room just off the kitchen. It makes so much more sense now.

I used the same wallpaper and curtain fabric as in the kitchen, so in a way (separated by an archway) it's still part of the kitchen.


On instagram people asked me about this magazine rack. I bought it in a real dull office supply store for just €15. Try to google for one in your area.

I really need to go to bed but I'll be back tomorrow with something fun for you to go to next Sunday.

ps: while linking a reader to my card display, I saw that Tentoon are also selling magazine racks. You can even get the racks painted in a RAL colour of your own choice, that's something new!!