The Basement Sewing Rooms

And I'm back from my staycation. Not that I really took time off to read a book or do some sunbathing as I had a 1001 projects scheduled to do. Trust me, it's not fun living with me and I quite often pity Bo for putting up with me. I plan, schedule and organise around the clock - even when I'm asleep. I just can't do nothing. Even when I'm watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, I find time to play Simcity on my iPad and check Instgram on my iPhone. That's why I like to drive a lot as that's keeping me calm and steady and concentrating on traffic only.

Two of the projects were organising the basement storage room and to paint pink wainscoting in my sewing rooms. I found the rooms very bleak and now with the pink it feels warmer and homelier - as far one can get a basement to look homely.

I love this map given by my friend Mandy. The headmaster of her school wanted to throw it out and Mandy rescued it knowing how much I dislike Suriname, although it's my mother's native country. It will never be mine, I stick to the poster - ha!

This is the room where I craft, the adjoining room where I sew I couldn't photograph today as I only use natural lightning and there was no light in that room. So that's for another day.

Sweet Potato Hummus

My husband, Bo, didn't schedule any work for two whole weeks so I'm taking things easy with him. I do however have quite a lot of work scheduled so I want to keep meals simple so that we get to do stuff during the day.

This is a super tasty, quick recipe that will fill you up.


  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes
  • 410 gr chickpeas
  • 2 tablespoons tahini paste
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ tsp smoked paprika powder
  • salt and pepper to taste


Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Steam them in a closed bowl with a pinch of salt in the microwave for 5 minutes at 1000 watts. Rinse the chickpeas well and place them in a food processor with the other ingredients. Let the sweet potatoes cool, place them also in the food processor and blend all ingredients into a hearty hummus.

Serve on whole wheat tortillas with coriander and grated mozzarella cheese.

Serves 8

Moose and the Chair

There's no denying that I love winter. I was born on the 6th of December on a cold winters morning, so it must run through my veins. I really dislike when people say that it's impossible that I love winter and can't stand summer as there's part tropical blood running through my veins. But if you historically do the math, I'm not a part tropical child as my ancestors where South African slaves brought to Suriname. So I have South African and Dutch blood running through my veins, therefore I must like the cold .. I'm babbling, must be the heath ;)

I do start winter prepping in July, I can't help it. I find nothing better to do than making Christmas garlands on a hot summers day over a tall glass of Pimms. I also start to get the house winter-proof. It's cold here, we need lots of blankest and cosy nooks where we can curl up. The house was not build for central heating so we need to burn fires and wear lots of layers.

I've got myself a rattan chair with a sheepskin rug from Bloomingville for the living room. I've got them both on and they are super comfortable. Obviously I haven't sat it in myself as it was claimed by our new furry friend, Pompelmoose, a 11 week old kitten who's as cute as Moose on a rattan chair.

Look at them, don't they make a lovely trio?

Posted in collaboration with - all views are my own

Villa ArenA Storefront Sneak Peek

Last week Bo and I drove to Amsterdam to start filling the window display I did for Villa ArenA Woonmall. I had to gather furniture and decorations from 50 stores, so it was quite a search. The challenge for me personally was finding authenticity as my style is a mix of vintage, stuff I find on the side of the road, expensive design classics and some new stuff. Villa ArenA had all that in offer and it surprised me.

In a few weeks I will reveal the whole window display but for now I want to advise you to have a good wander around Villa ArenA as it will surprise you what one can actually buy there. Bo left Villa ArenA with books on art and fresco's and I ended up buying the cupboard in the photo. I can pick it up in December and I will be buying everything else in the photo as a birthday present for myself, the stuffed bird included.

Posted in collaboration with Villa ArenA - all views are my own

Wallpapered DVD or CD Storage Boxes

Ever since I lived on my own I have been buying DVDs. Some I have passed on and some I've kept. It's crazy how much space DVD boxes take, I've kept a blue cupboard in my snug and a storage rack in the basement just to store DVDs. Nowadays I buy my films on iTunes or I watch them on Netflix, I couldn't be more happier. Digital storage is so much more organized. But to throw all my DVDs out ....? I can't. So I did some good housekeeping instead.

I went from this, 200+ DVDs ....

To those 3 boxes on the top shelf. And the blue cupboard is now up in a guest room.

I've made boxes out of grey board and covered them with wallpaper. I bought a whole bunch of paper DVD and CD sleeves and recycled all the plastic DVD boxes and paper. I have downsized from a cupboard and storage rack in the basement to 3 boxes.

The top measurements are for the box and the bottom for the lid. Cut out of 2 mm thick A3 sized grey board. Lay a piece of wallpaper under the cut out box and lid, trace and cut out allowing an extra 2 cm for folding. Score all the folding lines of the box and lid, fold and hold together with cello tape. Paste the box and lid with wallpaper or bookbinding glue and glue the wallpaper all around the box and lid. That's it! You can make insert cards out of the left over grey board. I used alphabet stamps for the letters.

Have a fun weekend, see you Monday x

Quick Lettuce Tacos with Tuna

Mix a pinch of salt, black ground pepper (turn 15 times) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 240 g of tuna fish in a bowl. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of the mixture on a lettuce leaf. Garnish with cherry tomatoes, a dollop of mayonnaise, some more ground black pepper, a bit of lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice, pine nuts and a few leaves of fresh basil.

Eat with your hands!!

Anke and Frank's Wedding

Did you notice that for the past two weeks I have been posting three times a week? I want to make a habit of it. There will be posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I had a very good reason to miss out on Friday's post as I had a wedding. And not just to attend but also to decorate and to bake cakes for.

My sister's friends, Anke and Frank, got married. They met later in life, both unattached without children and no previous marriages. They tied the knot in my sister's (restaurant) garden last Friday in front of friends and family. It was a most magical encounter.

My sister and I teamed up. I baked all the cakes, made the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets and together with my sister I filled dozens of vintage apothecary bottles with flowers.

It was so nice to mix our styles together so that everything still looked Anne-Marie and Yvonne, the combo Anke was dying for to get together. Thank you Anke and Frank for letting us work together, I loved it x