Starburst Granny Scarf Basics

Last November when Bo and I went to London for our Christmas shopping I snapped an Instagram photo of him on the train wearing my scarf (now his scarf) and got the question how to make this scarf. Not only did he do well on Instagram he actually got compliments from a bunch of girls in The national Gallery. So to all men out there that are scared of pretty colours, this is a lady magnet.

Down here the basic instructions on how to make a starburst granny scarf.


Ch 4, sl st in 4th ch to make a ring, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) dc 11 more into the ring - a total of 12 dc, fasten off with a sl st.

Change colour, start between two dc's of the previous round, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) 1 dc, keep crocheting 2 dc between the first dc's of the previous round, fasten off with a sl st.

Change colour, start between two dc's of the previous round, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) 2 dc, keep crocheting 3 dc between the first dc's of the previous round, fasten off with a sl st.

Now you've made a starburst granny.

Next step is to add the grey all around and turn the circle into a square.

Start between two 3 dc's of the previous round, ch 4 (counts as 1 tr) 2 tr, ch 2, 3 tr (this is a corner) Move on to the next space between the previous round 3 dc's, 3 dc and so on.

Fasten off with a sl st and move on to joining the squares as seen in the image below.

  1. I've used a simple sl st to join the squares.
  2. Turn your work and line up the stitches so that they are exactly on top of one another, this is really important!
  3. sl st from left to right only in the back of the stitch and fasten off on both sides.
  4. This is what it should look like.

The next step is to dc all around the scarf using grey to make it wider en fuller. What I always do with my scarves, I add another sc coloured row all the way round and then another hdc row in grey all the way round.

I've used Annell Rapido 100% acrylic in combination with Scheepjes Roma 100% acrylic yarn, a 4.5 mm hook and used US terms.

Blog-Event Villa ArenA

This blog post is an advertorial for aspiring bloggers in The Netherlands, therefore in Dutch. It's about a cool bloggers event where I'll be teaching one of the master classes - Yay!!

Word jij de Villa ArenA blogger van 2014?

Villa ArenA gaat samen met Blogtoday, vt wonen en Flair op zoek naar dé Villa ArenA Blogger 2014. Met elkaar starten we de zoektocht naar nieuw talent en stomen wij een aantal van jullie klaar om de Villa ArenA Blogger 2014 te worden. De winnaar ontvangt een wooncheque t.w.v. €1000,-, krijgt een commerciële opdracht om de kerstcampagne van Villa ArenA te maken en wordt onderdeel van het influencers netwerk Blogtoday.

Villa ArenA blogger word je niet zomaar. Een aantal aanstormende talenten krijgt de gelegenheid om drie masterclasses te volgen, gegeven door onze toonaangevende bloggers en krijgen daarnaast de kans zich te ontwikkelen tot een professionele blogger.

Villa ArenA blog-event
Op zaterdag 5 april vanaf 10 uur houden wij samen met Villa ArenA het blog-event. Tijdens dit event komen er vijf interieurbloggers en experts spreken, waaronder April&May, Vosgesparis en Kirsten Jassies, expert op het gebied van bloggen en social. Daarna staat er een heerlijke lunch voor je klaar.

Hoe word ik Villa ArenA blogger?
Wil je kans maken om de Villa ArenA blogger 2014 te worden? Dan kun je het blog-event afsluiten met een opdracht welke uitgevoerd kan worden bij Villa ArenA. Uit de ingediende opdrachten kiezen de Blogtoday bloggers 10 aanstormende talenten welke drie masterclasses mogen gaan volgen. Per masterclass krijgen de deelnemers verschillende opdrachten mee naar huis, die later beoordeeld zullen worden door een jury bestaande uit Villa ArenA, Blogtoday en Blogtoday bloggers. De drie winnaars mogen een dag meelopen met de interieur stylist van Villa ArenA en gaan een stijlplein in de Villa ArenA inrichten. De deelnemer die de meeste stemmen heeft, wordt dé Villa ArenA blogger.

De 10 uitgekozen talenten mogen drie masterclasses gaan volgen. Deze worden gegeven op vrijdagochtend 9 en 23 mei en donderdagavond 5 juni door Jantine Vaartjes van April&May, Patrick Kooiman van Interiorator, Yvonne Eijkenduijn van Yvestown, Desiree van Vosgeparis en Wendy Woudenberg van Beeldsteil.
Onderwerpen die tijdens deze masterclasses worden besproken zijn onder andere: 'Personal branding', 'Fotografie' en 'Van blog naar brand'.

Ben jij gek op “wonen”, fotografie en schrijven? Meld je dan nu aan voor het blog-event. Om mee te doen hoef je niet per sé een blog te hebben, maar wel een dosis enthousiasme. Meld je hier aan voor het event op 5 april van 10.00 – 13.30 uur in Villa ArenA. Daarna kun je je opdracht gaan uitvoeren.


  •  Als je je inschrijft voor dit evenement dan verwachten wij dat je op 5 april, 9 en 23 mei (ochtend dagdeel) en 5 juni (’s avonds) beschikbaar bent voor het event en de masterclasses.
  • Als je deelneemt aan het event en eventueel later de masterclasses, mogen Villa ArenA en Sanoma jouw tekst- en beeldmateriaal gebruiken welke je hebt geproduceerd tijdens het event en masterclasses.
  • De door jouw ingevulde gegevens kunnen éénmalig gebruikt worden door Villa ArenA.

Voor meer informatie en het aanmeldingsformulier ga naar


My First Book

Yesterday was a good day. Roel (the designer of the book and BFF) and I drove to the beautiful office of my publishers in Utrecht to collect the very first book, my very first book - SHUT UP!! I'm just so excited.

It was such a joyous moment when Claudette (one of the publishers) revealed the book to Roel and I from under a Yvestown for Sissy-Boy tea towel, how surreal. It's beyond our exceptions, it's perfect and the inside is even better. So much hard work in too little time was laying there, staring at us on the table.

I of course got emotional as it's such a big deal to me to have finally reached this part of my life where I find myself capable of writing a book. This may sound a bit deep, but I do feel that we all walk paths in our lives and that it takes lots of walks to get to that part where you want to be. Some of my steps were baby steps and some were giant steps. This by far was a giant step and I pulled it off in 5 months, with the help of one person that has been so dear to me for so many years.

I know that a few people who know me (a little) didn't foresee this step I've made as there are always Nay-Sayers in ones life.

Most of you don't know me personally but if you get to know me you'll notice quite quickly that I speak quite a lot about all sorts of things. They do say that people who talk a lot are not to be trusted and I do happen to find that people quite often don't really believe my blah blah as there's so much of it. But let me tell you this, if you live up to all your blah blah you'll blow all these people away. Honestly I love people who live in air castles, who have big dreams and lots of blah blah. It's all about setting impossible goals and making them real, sod your nay sayers!!

Once again the book will be for sale exclusively on the 27th of March in all the Sissy-Boy Homeland stores throughout The Netherlands and Belgium and on the 28th of March it will be for sale everywhere. So people who've made a pre-order, your book will be send on the 28th of March.

And *drum roll* the English translation (Yvestown in the Kitchen) for the USA market will be released January 2015.

Dream big right, for this simple Dutch girl living in her own air castle!!

FYI: you can buy the wooden bird from artist Anna Wiscombe.

Sissy-Boy and Yvestown


Happy Monday!!!

Let me start the week by sharing some exciting news about the collaboration my publisher and I made with Sissy-Boy. For those of you living outside The Netherlands and Belgium let me explain what Sissy-Boy is. Sissy-Boy is an all Dutch concept store divided over three main activities. There's Sissy-Boy Homeland for home décor, Sissy-Boy Fashion for clothes and Sissy-Boy Daily for food. Not all shops house those 3 activities mostly the stores in larger cities do.

The stores are amazing, selling all sorts of beautiful and honest products. And as of the 27th of March all of the Homeland stores will sell my book - EEK! And if that's not enough they have made a special Yvestown in de keuken tea towel to celebrate the launch. It comes in three colours; pink, green and blue. The tea towels will sell for about €4.95 (it's a steal) in all the homeland stores and in my web shop for those of you who can't make it to Sissy-Boy.

The launch party will be on the 27th between 16:00 and 18:00. I'll be signing the book between 18:00 and 19:00 and you'll be able to buy a tea towel in the Sissy-Boy store on the Java Island in Amsterdam.

After the 27th I'll be signing my book in another 6 Sissy-Boy Homeland stores. You can find the dates and stores on the event page. It would be really great to meet you there as often enough I never get the chance to meet you and I would LOVE TO MEET YOU, I'll promise to bring cake.

Free Chrochet Patterns


At long last I've made you guys a collection of all the crochet patterns I've made and blogged about in the past but also the patterns that were once in the old yarn shop. I don't know why it took me so long to do this ...

There's a button in the menu on the right or click here.

I strongly believe in free patterns as I believe in sharing but if you wish to make a donation you can on the crochet pattern page. Please do not feel stressed as I'm not after your money, it's just all about sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend, it's going to be 19 C here!!! I know where I'm going to be ...

DIY: A Wood Poster Hanger


Last week I bought this vintage camomile chart. As I don't want to put it behind glass I had to come up with an easy wood hanger system so that the poster didn't loose it's age, glass makes it's so modern.

How I did it:


I've used 2 cm x 0,6 cm rods that were lying around in the basement.

Measures the poster width and make 4 lengths of wood, two for the top and two for the bottom. Clip the nails so that they are approximately 1,2 cm long.


Turn the poster and use a small piece of scotch tape to attach the poster to the wood.


Measures how long you wish the cord to be. Tie a knot on the bottom bits on both sides.


Make sure you use the exact same distance left and right for the placement of your cord. If you don't do this your poster will never be centred. I've used a distance of 8 cm on both sides.


Place the other bit of wood on top and hammer the first nail exactly in the middle of the cord. Repeat this on the other side and hammer another nail in the centre of the wood.

That's it, repeat these steps for the bottom bit of the poster without the cord.


Makes a perfect Sunday afternoon project. Happy Sunday x