The Yvestown Winter Fair Family Tree

We are all set and ready to go for our first ever Yvestown Winter Fair.

It's all going to be pretty magical with lots of fairy lights, lovely food, good company, workshops and lots of beautiful Christmas products. Part of my home will be open to soak up the Yvestown Christmas atmosphere and you are allowed to hang out with us all day.

Please dress warm.

To My Dearest Blog Readers

I have been away for a long time and for that I'm sorry. I have been on a journey. I have been trying to do this and to do that and to find a way in this chaos that's now called my job. I used to work about 10 jobs in a day and I have taken my time away to find a way to cut it down to one beautiful job.

I have found a way to make this what I do in something I love to do and for what I get paid for. I do my books, my blog and I host social gatherings. With those 3 things I will continue and I will not try to push myself into things I can not do on my own as it's just me. With the help of my  husband and the help of my best friend.

I've been struggling on my blog, you all have been there to witness. I've lost, literately, hundreds and thousands of readers through all my uncertainty and change. But that's life eh, you win some, you loose some.

It all dawned to me when I read this quote;

You are not a machine. You are not a brand. You are not expected to produce daily content that teams of 9-5ers are strategizing over for weeks, months, seasons. You can admit that you’re a little tired. Or that you need a breather. Or that you’re re-prioritizing. Or that you don’t know what’s next. It doesn’t make you ungrateful for the platform you’ve been given, and it doesn’t make you unprofessional. It makes you real. It makes you human. It makes you you.
— Erin Loechner - Design for Mankind

So what's next?

Just this and anything else that might come up. I'm not going to promise anything or give you a scoop on something that is not there. I'm going to be here for you, blogging whenever I have something to share, tell or show. I'm going to stop trying to be Super Woman because I pretty much suck at that job. I do however make a mean curry.

I know that commenting and engaging on blogs is out but I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for always reading x

The Yvestown Winter Fair

Oh yes! One of my big dreams is coming true: a winter edition of the Yvestown Fair. The reason why there wasn't a fair planned and why this winter fair is on such short notice is that I thought we would be moved house by now. But it seems we are not moving at all as we can't find a better home. So I have to learn to live with the size of the house and the size of the garden.

I hope to see you again on Sunday the 30th of November in my garden. I'll be selling and signing my books and there will be lots to do like Christmas workshops by Avenue Lifestyle, MUSwerk, MaandagDaandag, Ellen Vesters en Wood & Wool Stool's daughter, Pippa.

Markets by Twinklebird, Eline Pellinkhof, Stella by Rosa, Wood & Wool Stool, ByPetra, Silly Old Suitcase, MondaysMilk and by miinti all in Christmas style.

There is room for another table or two. So if you'd like to join us and your style is a bit romantic/ Scandinavian/clean/fresh/modern and you have a lot of Christmas stock, send me an e-mail with a link to your online shop.

Snor Festival and Yvestown Market

Hi Guys, so sorry for the super long absence but I had to write yet another book in a very short period of 2 months. Trust me, it's nothing like Yvestown in de Keuken it's only 144 pages. But it's cute and it's about breakfasts, more about that soon.

Today I want to share some other exciting news with you instead. As I will be moving home (or not) in September I can't host a 2014 edition of the Yvestown Fair in my garden this year as it might not be my garden in September. Instead I'll be co-hosting the fair with my publishers Snor during their festival on September 21 in Vuren The Netherlands. So not only will there be great Snor things to do (workshops, music, food and books) there will also be an Yvestown Market for you to enjoy. It will be double the fun!

The list of this years marketeers:

You can read more about the fair on the website of my publishers. The new website will be launched on the first of September but for now you can visit their old site.

A Big Announcement - Yvestown Magazine

Last weekend at Blogtacular I've made the big announcement: I'm going to quit blogging on a regular basis and instead I'm going to turn my blog into an online magazine. I'll publish Yvestown Magazine 6 times a year giving you at least 200 pages full of all the stuff I love in life. There will be craft and crochet tutorials, travel reports, shopping tips, book and film reviews, peeks inside my personal life, gardening tips, recipes ... and lots more. Obviously there will be extra Easter and Christmas specials of the magazine.

I've made this decision as I feel quite limited with the amount of space I have for one single blog post. There are times when I have so much to share but so little space that I end up sharing nothing instead. I want to be able to give you features, to tell you stories and to give you more visual happiness.

The first issue of Yvestown Magazine will be published in autumn.  I'll continue my blog for now until I launch the first issue early October. I'm really excited and I can't wait to start working on the first issue.

Blogtacular is Calling

I'll be speaking at Blogtacular on Saturday in London. But I of course have a million and one things to do before I leave. I don't know why I do this but I always love to work a deadline so I keep piling things up and then do everything on the last day. Like writing and shooting my upcoming breakfast book, A book and cake party on Wednesday just a day before I leave to Kent to attend The Decorative Living Fair where my friend Selina will be signing her new book. And I also need to clean my home as I always want to be make sure when I'm gone that Bo is left in a clean home. Something like; "if you travel alone, travel in style". In his case "when you're home alone, be in a in a clean home" or something like that.

It will be your last chance to get tickets today for Blogtacular. It's going to be pretty amazing with a fun line-up of speakers and workshops. There will be so many inspiring people to be met on those two days that my brain might pop. But I'm looking forward to it. I'll be speaking on Saturday at 11:35 hope to meet you there!

Book Signing at my Home

This is very short notice but on Wednesday I'll be hosting a book signing and cake eating event from my own home in Lommel Belgium.

You are welcome to buy the book, tea towels, poster and postcards. You are also welcome to get your own copy of the book signed or just for fun.

There is a facebook event page where you can find all the details.

Kort dag maar dit is een uitnodiging voor een boeksignering en cake eet feest bij mij thuis in Lommel België, a.s. woensdag middag.

Je bent van harte welkom om het boek, poster, theedoeken en ansichtkaarten te kopen maar je bent ook van harte welkom om je eigen exemplaar van het boek te laten signeren of gewoon voor de gezelligheid.

Er is een Facebook event pagina waar je alle details kunt vinden. Laat daar even achter of je van plan bent om langs te komen.