The Shopkeeper's Home

My friend Caroline Rowland of Patchwork Harmony and 91 Magazine wrote the most amazing book. A book that was on my wish list months ago as I was so excited about the content. Don't you have that? It's like how I felt when a new Harry Potter book was released.

It's beyond my expectations. There's nothing better in this world than peeking inside someone else's home or shop, this book is all about that.

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

The book starts with decorating tips on how to display objects in your home inspired by the shops and homes in the book. At first I thought; "oh oh, where are all the shops and their homes?" but it all turned out wonderful as after a few page flips the fun begins. I love that about this book. It's organised and all the photo's belong to the rightful owners, making this book not a jumble of photo's and styling tips but a proper home and shop tour guide extravaganza.

I'm quite fed up with over-styled unrealistic interiors. I want to see the real thing as I believe that home-owners of homes that are published in books are already living in styled homes. It's all in The Shopkeeper's home. Beautiful shops, beautiful homes and addresses. It makes me want to travel the world just to shop!

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

There are shops in this book that are totally new to me and some of them are very familiar as the lovely Hambledon in Winchester, one of my favourite shops and people in the world. Check out the Pinterest board I'm curating for them.

Loop London UK

Loop London UK

Also my trustworthy yarn shop when I visit London, Loop, is in the book. And the quirky home of shop owner Susan Cropper.

Susan Cropper's home of Loop London UK

Susan Cropper's home of Loop London UK

The Shopkeeper's Home by Caroline Rowland, published by Jacqui Small, £25 Hardback.

It's a book that inspires me and comes at a good time in my life as I'm about to open my own brick and mortar shop, right here in my living room. It's all going to happen in March 2016. I'll keep you posted but if you want to make sure you are not missing out on all the fun sign up to the newsletter below.

Kitchen Styling at{mine}

Today I'm kicking off October with a kitchen styling challenge with at{mine} and Bodie and Fou and you can participate!!! The winner will receive a £250/€350 gift voucher to spend at and the 10 top entries will get a copy of my cooking book Yvestown in the Kitchen.


  1. follow @atmine @bodieandfou and @yvestown on Instagram
  2. Upload a picture of your kitchen on in the 'My Kitchen' category
  3. Post your kitchen styling on Instagram tagging @atmine @bodieandfou @yvestown using #styleatmine

Entries accepted: Oct 1 to Oct 31 WORLDWIDE ENTRY!!!

You can read an interview with me on at{mine} and you can follow me at{mine}

My Storefront for Villa ArenA

Remember way back when I told you I had to fill a storefront at Villa ArenA shopping mall in Amsterdam? Well the moment is here to reveal it to you.

I don't really know much about styles as I really don't care that much, I just went for all the stuff I liked. I started off with an inspirational mood board on Pinterest. After that I went to Villa ArenA and browsed through the 50 shops to find items to match my mood board. I just mixed and matched and had a really good time.

Buy this month's VTwonen magazine if you want to read the whole article and if you want to find out where you can buy all the beautiful products. That little vintage cupboard is already sold to yours truly and I believe Bo has an eye on that bird.

There's a really nice interview with me in the Villa ArenA magazine, you can read it here.

If you want to see the real thing; my store front is open to the public until December 31 at Villa ArenA Woonmall in Amsterdam on the 3rd floor. My friend Desiree from Vosgesparis is my neighbour.

Posted in collaboration with Villa ArenA - all views are my own

Villa ArenA Storefront Sneak Peek

Last week Bo and I drove to Amsterdam to start filling the window display I did for Villa ArenA Woonmall. I had to gather furniture and decorations from 50 stores, so it was quite a search. The challenge for me personally was finding authenticity as my style is a mix of vintage, stuff I find on the side of the road, expensive design classics and some new stuff. Villa ArenA had all that in offer and it surprised me.

In a few weeks I will reveal the whole window display but for now I want to advise you to have a good wander around Villa ArenA as it will surprise you what one can actually buy there. Bo left Villa ArenA with books on art and fresco's and I ended up buying the cupboard in the photo. I can pick it up in December and I will be buying everything else in the photo as a birthday present for myself, the stuffed bird included.

Posted in collaboration with Villa ArenA - all views are my own

Anke and Frank's Wedding

Did you notice that for the past two weeks I have been posting three times a week? I want to make a habit of it. There will be posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I had a very good reason to miss out on Friday's post as I had a wedding. And not just to attend but also to decorate and to bake cakes for.

My sister's friends, Anke and Frank, got married. They met later in life, both unattached without children and no previous marriages. They tied the knot in my sister's (restaurant) garden last Friday in front of friends and family. It was a most magical encounter.

My sister and I teamed up. I baked all the cakes, made the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets and together with my sister I filled dozens of vintage apothecary bottles with flowers.

It was so nice to mix our styles together so that everything still looked Anne-Marie and Yvonne, the combo Anke was dying for to get together. Thank you Anke and Frank for letting us work together, I loved it x

Villa ArenA Storefront Inspiration

Next month I will be presenting a storefront at Villa ArenA woonmall in Amsterdam, one of the largest interior malls in the Netherlands.

The idea behind the window display at Villa ArenA is that I show the costumer how to combine products from the 50 stores that are based in Villa ArenA. The window display will be there to inspire costumers not to shop at just one store but mixing it up instead.

Last week I went on a scouting hunt and it wasn't easy as there is so much to choose from and I have such little space. But in the end I got there. I'm going for a vintage/bohemian look with pastels and all natural materials like leather and cotton.

Want to keep track of what I'm doing? Check out my Pinterest mood board.

Images by Pinterest and posted in collaboration with Villa ArenA - all views are my own

Hello Weekend DIY Book

And just like that I wrote another book, three books in one year! And some of you may wonder where I have gone off to. I've been writing books as I love writing books, I really do. As a kid I loved making assignments like big ones about sheep, cats, Laura Ashley and one time about my childhood Chow Chow, Pascha. I even took the dog into the classroom to show how fabulous she was and where all her cute stuff sat. I miss Pascha ....

This book is about DIY's. It's divided in 4 categories and covers crochet, sewing, embroidery, painting, paper-craft and woodwork. The 52 DIY's (one for each weekend of the year) are all easy to make, functional and efficient. We basically use all of the DIY's in the book ourselves or I make them as presents. It's a cute book.

It's the second book in the "weekend" series and I can already tell you that there's going to be another one next year. And that's it as there's no such thing as Spider-man 4.

Hopefully later this year or early next year the books will be translated to different languages and to English. We are still working on that. It's not easy as a Dutch/Flemish author to be published in foreign languages. Yvestown in the Kitchen, my first book, is published in English and for sale in my own bookshop and on

Weekend DIY Boek (Dutch) - hard cover - 144 pages - €16.95