Kitchen Ramblings and Pendants

And just like that, after endless rain that never seemed to stop, there was a massive amount of sunlight in my kitchen - just for me and the little Moose.

I'm really slowly changing the look of the kitchen, nothing major I just wanted to get rid of the floral wallpaper and the spotty curtains. I'm older now and with that my taste slightly changes. And the kitchen is older now and is starting to show cracks, chipped paint and cat rubbing stains on the cupboards.

There's also a massive crack in the resin floor and it has gone from bright white to a dirty yellowish colour, which I absolutely dislike. So we need to get a new floor and I want a new stone top for the island as the zinc top is stained and really grubby.

Another thing that's bothering me is lighting. The green pendants matched the floral wallpaper and the spotty curtains but looked really wrong with the new tiles wallpaper by Studio Ditte. IKEA hung a pair of white pendants up for a photo shoot they did for the IKEA Family mag but they looked cheap. I however liked the whiteness so I went for the MUUTO MHY pendant in white which I ordered from Flinders I regret that I didn't get them in a greyish blue instead because I find them slightly too white. But it's such a beautiful and stylish pendant, I might have to find another place for it .... honestly!

To be continued.

The pendants were sponsored by Flinders, a shop I adore and use very often as I don't like shopping, parking and all the fuss of other people that are shopping.

Planning Bedrooms

2016 is going to be a big year for my home. We moved here in 2008 with the house almost being in ruins and 8 years later we are still renovating. We had 3 setback years in the renovating process because we had to face health and after that personal issues, but now we are back on track.

It's actually a good thing that it's taking us such a long time to renovate the house as it gives us time to think about what we want, like and need. If all goes well I get to decorate the bedrooms by the end of this year. I love decorating bedrooms as I find them the most cosiest rooms in the house. I love bedding, pillows, blankets and closets.

Image © swiss sense

Image © swiss sense

My bedroom style is Scandinavian, according to the bedroom style test over at VTwonen. But I also really like romantic. My interior style is described as "Scandinavian Pretty", I like that. You can do your own test and see what your style is. You can even win a whole new bedroom room make-over sponsored by Swiss Sense, I wouldn't mind to win one of their box-springs.

Posted in collaboration withSwiss Sense - all views are my own.

Flower Arrangement in a Bowl

I planned this post for Christmas day, but as my family reads my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise, I'm posting it now. This is a quick way to give some floral joy to a diner host. I've made these for my sisters in law using vintage bowls.

Use flower oasis or floral foam. Cut it so it fits the bowls you are using and soak it into water. First stick the candle in the bowl and work your way round with greens and later adding the flowers. You can use evergreens from the garden. The candle is actually just a regular size candle but I cut about 10 cm off to make it look more in proportion.

Christmas House

Our "spring" Christmas house is ready for Christmas. It still doesn't feel like Christmas as it's hot and I can walk around without a coat outside. Even the light is really bright and sharp. Oh and today an ant walked straight into my kitchen ... an ant in December!!!

Traditionally we celebrate Christmas eve with friends but this year we're going to celebrate it together as we both still have to work. I'm going to cook a mini Christmas diner and we'll unwrap presents and watch Narnia.

Up until Sunday we'll be celebrating Christmas with our families.

I want to wish you all a peaceful Christmas, something we can actually use right now. Let's hope there are no ill minded people destroying lives, hopes and dreams over the weekend.


Lots of love, Yvonne xxx

The First Signs of Christmas

So it has started.

Last year I bought the Christmas trees around this time but it proofed unsuccessful, because by the time it was Christmas the branches looked sad and it was raining needles. So this year I'm going to wait for another 2 weeks. I've started decorating the outside of the house instead.

This is the back porch we use in winter as the other kitchen doors lead straight into the kitchen and turns the kitchen into a freezer. This is also the "pet door" as I like to call it. It goes straight into the back garden where Whopper wanders around and were Moose goes in and out.

Like every year I've made a garden leftover wreath on a straw wreath base. In January I can compost the whole wreath, it's perfect.

This year instead of drawing a wreath on my doors I've decide to cut them out on a plotting machine.

I've actually plotted a whole bunch and you can buy one for just €8 shipping included in my Etsy Blog Shop. This way you can add some Christmas to your doors, windows or walls.


Each year I plant dahlias but it's never enough. I really thought I had it covered this year but yet again I've failed miserably. In my wildest dream I have a massive plot of land I can just grow a cutting garden on with hundreds of dahlias and sunflowers in autumn and peonies, delphiniums and foxgloves in spring. I can see myself strolling through the wild flowers, basket in hand.

Oh .... this sounds like a good retirement plan.

I start planting them in April, in pots indoors. I wait until they are quite big and leafy before I plant them outside. This is around the end of may, early June. I mix it up with roots I plant straight into the ground.

I colour coordinate when I shop for roots. I don't like orange, purple or bright yellow dahlias. I go for soft and bright pinks, sometimes red (they always turn orange), white, soft yellow, peach and burgundy. I try to mix shapes like pompoms, spiky ones, leafy ones and petals. 

I grow them to cut them but I'm always quite sentimental and leave them outside as my garden looks so colourful and cute with all the happy flowers growing here and there. So next year I definitely need to plant more so I can enjoy them outdoors and indoors.

Enjoy your Wednesday. At my end we are blessed with the most beautiful autumn weather, I hope it is as beautiful at your end.

The Front Garden

When we moved to this house in 2008 this is what the house and garden looked like. It was actually worse as the whole house (roof included) was covered in ivy. As you can see the ivy was growing back.

Although the whole house was in desperate need of renovating we started to plant a garden first. That way the garden could grow while we were renovating the inside. We took out all the ivy - boy ivy is a scary plant. It's something out of a horror movie. There where root stems as big as proper trees. They also leave spores so we had to brush all the spores off of the house, it was a nightmare.

We didn't have a clue what to do with that front garden so we started by just taking everything out and putting grass down. We also had to consider that pine tree, but eventually the ants got it so we had to come up with a new plan.

I like organised but wild and messy gardens. So after 7 years of having just grass and gravel I've started to plant a formal garden. Using wee boxwood bushes, lavender, hydrangeas and roses. We've also planted a wisteria to grow on both sides of the door as a house like this needs a good wisteria. It will need time to grow but so far I'm really pleased, it suits the architecture of the house.

When we will finally put a new roof up the plastic black gutter will be replaced by a white wooden one so it will only get better. I love how the wild acacias on the plot next door have grown higher and how autumn makes everything colourful and wild. I can't wait for the garden to grow even more.