The Basement Sewing Rooms

And I'm back from my staycation. Not that I really took time off to read a book or do some sunbathing as I had a 1001 projects scheduled to do. Trust me, it's not fun living with me and I quite often pity Bo for putting up with me. I plan, schedule and organise around the clock - even when I'm asleep. I just can't do nothing. Even when I'm watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, I find time to play Simcity on my iPad and check Instgram on my iPhone. That's why I like to drive a lot as that's keeping me calm and steady and concentrating on traffic only.

Two of the projects were organising the basement storage room and to paint pink wainscoting in my sewing rooms. I found the rooms very bleak and now with the pink it feels warmer and homelier - as far one can get a basement to look homely.

I love this map given by my friend Mandy. The headmaster of her school wanted to throw it out and Mandy rescued it knowing how much I dislike Suriname, although it's my mother's native country. It will never be mine, I stick to the poster - ha!

This is the room where I craft, the adjoining room where I sew I couldn't photograph today as I only use natural lightning and there was no light in that room. So that's for another day.

Moose and the Chair

There's no denying that I love winter. I was born on the 6th of December on a cold winters morning, so it must run through my veins. I really dislike when people say that it's impossible that I love winter and can't stand summer as there's part tropical blood running through my veins. But if you historically do the math, I'm not a part tropical child as my ancestors where South African slaves brought to Suriname. So I have South African and Dutch blood running through my veins, therefore I must like the cold .. I'm babbling, must be the heath ;)

I do start winter prepping in July, I can't help it. I find nothing better to do than making Christmas garlands on a hot summers day over a tall glass of Pimms. I also start to get the house winter-proof. It's cold here, we need lots of blankest and cosy nooks where we can curl up. The house was not build for central heating so we need to burn fires and wear lots of layers.

I've got myself a rattan chair with a sheepskin rug from Bloomingville for the living room. I've got them both on and they are super comfortable. Obviously I haven't sat it in myself as it was claimed by our new furry friend, Pompelmoose, a 11 week old kitten who's as cute as Moose on a rattan chair.

Look at them, don't they make a lovely trio?

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DIY Pegboard

Today I'm going to share the last DIY I did for Dille & Kamille. It was such a pleasure working for them. I hope you have enjoyed all of my previous "Dille DIYs".

How to get started

First measure the space you need for the pegboard. You can buy perforated hardboard in any hardware store. You'll have to saw the board to fit your space, often they'll do that for you at the hardware store if you ask them nicely. Make sure to finely sand the edges and the top of the pegboard before assembling it to the wall.

How to assemble the pegboard

Press with a pencil through the holes so that dots are left on the wall. The dots mark where you have to drill the holes. Left and right, top and bottom and one in the middle otherwise the pegboard will curl up a bit. Drill holes in the wall. Place tape (2) over the hole where the screw should be. Place small transparent doorstops (available at any hardware store) on the back of the pegboard and a screw with rivet on the front (1) of the pegboard. Screw all the screws and then remove the tape.

Finishing off the board

Sand the pegboard lightly and remove the dust with a cloth. Primer the pegboard well, sand again lightly and then paint the pegboard in any desired colour.

That's it!!

I've used S-hooks for hanging. There are so many fun things for sale at Dille & Kamille to hang on the pegboard. Such as flower pots, baskets for storing rope. But also, ladles, utensils and cute pans.

For instructions in Dutch, go to Dille & Kamille.

I'm not actually using the pegboard in my kitchen as there's no space. I would love it though as I'd be very Julia Child. I've set up a space in my basement studio for this photo and will use the pegboard for my crafting supplies instead. More on that soon.

The Green Room

Remember this post about getting older? Well it's taking it's toll as yet my home office is changing bit by bit too.

We started with lowering the ceiling by adding an extra trim and painting it white. This way the 3.45 m high ceiling doesn't look that high. To create contrast Bo painted the walls in a beautiful soft green. As my office window is overlooking dense trees on the next door plot, the room lights up green anyway in summer. In winter it's a dull grey room. Now it will be green all year round.

The wall with the pink wallpaper and shelves looks really odd right now but things will change as soon as I made my mind up for patio doors out to the garden yay or nay! There will be either doors with a bookcase build around it or there will be a build-in bookcase covering the whole wall. I need time to make my mind up.

I've replaced the pink pendant for a small white Leitmotiv Ribble pendant I got from so now all the attention goes to the ceiling instead.

I've placed a Zuiver Buckle Head floor lamp in the corner next to my desk for extra light. I also got that one from I also got the jug that holds peonies FROM MY OWN GARDEN! from I love the efficiency of shopping in one place without driving, parking and traffic-jams.

I've made a pastel style guide with my favourite products over on

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Hibiscus Giveaway

There have been many attempts on growing Hibiscus in pots for my garden. I do not have the space to plant a massive Hibiscus bush in my garden so I thought pots would do but they don't. I failed miserably 3 years in a row and I have officially given up. So when I learned that there's also an indoor Hibiscus, I had to get one. Once at home I thought the plant was looking rather fake with it's super green, shiny leaves. But I'm embracing it and starting to grow really fond of it.

Did you know that the flowers of the Hibiscus are edible and are used in salads in the Pacific Islands? The flower is additionally used in hair care as a preparation. It is also used to shine shoes in certain parts of India. It can also be used as a pH indicator. When used, the flower turns acidic solutions to a dark pink or magenta colour and basic solutions to green. In Indonesia, these flowers are called "kembang sepatu", which literally means "shoe flower". Who knew ...

To raise more awareness for plants is so nice to offer five of my Dutch readers a Hibiscus each! I know that commenting is so 2012 that's why I've decided that in order to participate you can leave a comment on any platform you like. Facebook, instagram or over here. You just have to find the Hibiscus photos and leave a comment, I'll draw a winner next week.

Redecorating Again

We've been living in this house for almost 7 years and we are still not done renovating and decorating. It's a large, old and worn down house. See it like this; you have a real deep cut and it needs stitches, like a lot of stitches but instead you put a plaster on the cut and you keep putting plasters on it. But under all those plasters the cut is getting worse and worse. Eventually you'll have to remove all the plasters, get the help of an expert and get it cleaned, sterilized and stitched up. Because you have waited so long the healing takes a lot longer and the cut will leave a really nasty scar. So you'll need plastic surgery. That's what our home looks like because the previous owners have been using plasters for the past 119 years.

Most of the plasters are gone, stitches have been made and plastic surgery has been undertaken but there's still a whole lot of healing to do. We took a break last year to work on some personal stuff but now we are back in swing.

There's this new cupboard in the dining room. I've been searching for it the last few months and finally found a perfect match. It's from an old school and now stores china, tablecloths and glassware. Nicely tucked away as I like it.

I love how this red bench raised so much conversation over on Instagram and on Facebook. It's really good to engage again, we need to do that more often.

Happy Tuesday, it's almost May!