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    The End of an Era


    And just like that we have sold our home in Belgium. After living here for 8 years we feel the need to move on and try something new. I also know that lots of you are curious to where we are going to move to but I still can’t tell that as we still haven’t made our minds up. It’s either going to be a nice big old crazy house that’s a bit of fixer-upper in The Netherlands, just a five minute drive from our current home. Or it’s going to be a small newish house in The Netherlands and a fixer-upper in Sweden. In my heart I just know that it’s going to be the last one as it has been our dream for such a long time. The only thing standing in the way is a suitable, and affordable, home in The Netherlands and time … we don’t really have much time as we need to move out soon. But there might be something that holds great potential, we are going to view the property next week so fingers crossed.

    I’m going to miss the grand rooms and the high ceilings of this house and all the beautiful light that comes in through the massive windows. But I’m also so much looking froward to a new home, or probably homes.

    I’ll keep you posted.

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