Let it Go

It must have been the most favourite phrase of 2014 en 2015. And yes, I am a Frozen fan. What is it with that movie? I remember watching it with my mother earlier this year and we were both crying our eyes out. I even caught Bo swallowing a few times. And the song ... oh that song in all it's bombastic glory with lots of ding dongs and fra fras. I can't get enough of it.

So when I had to make up a DIY for the first week of my Weekend DIY Book it had to be something with the words "Let it Go". What else suits best for the first week of a new year?


  • Two pieces of unbleached cotton 35x70 cm
  • Bits of fabric remnants for the letters (I've used Liberty fabrics)
  • Fabric glue
  • Sewing machine
  • 1 40 cm rod
  • 2 small screw hooks


Lay the two pieces of cotton on each other and fold them in half lengthwise. Draw a diagonal line of 20 cm to create a point.

Print the letters on thick paper. Trace the letters on the back of the pieces of fabric. Do not forget to mirror the letters L and G.

Glue the letters with fabric glue on one of the pieces of cotton (point facing down), this way they stay put and makes sewing so much easier. Zigzag all around the letters with a sewing machine.

Sew the two pieces of cotton fabric with right sides facing down together. Turn the work inside out and iron the seams flat. Sew a funnel of about 3 cm on top of the fabric for where the rod should go through.

Slide the banner over the rod and mark with a pencil or pen where the screw hooks should be. Screw the hooks into the rod, pull a string through the hooks.

Weekend DIY Book (in Dutch only)

Find even more fun and easy DIYs in my book. Hopefully it will be published in other languages soon. It's such an endlessly long business getting a book published in another language. I honestly don't understand why it should take such a long time. This is totally out of my control. If it was in my control it would have been published in a 100 languages by now - what an old fashioned business publishing is in such modern times ;)

Have a good weekend!

Wallpapered DVD or CD Storage Boxes

Ever since I lived on my own I have been buying DVDs. Some I have passed on and some I've kept. It's crazy how much space DVD boxes take, I've kept a blue cupboard in my snug and a storage rack in the basement just to store DVDs. Nowadays I buy my films on iTunes or I watch them on Netflix, I couldn't be more happier. Digital storage is so much more organized. But to throw all my DVDs out ....? I can't. So I did some good housekeeping instead.

I went from this, 200+ DVDs ....

To those 3 boxes on the top shelf. And the blue cupboard is now up in a guest room.

I've made boxes out of grey board and covered them with wallpaper. I bought a whole bunch of paper DVD and CD sleeves and recycled all the plastic DVD boxes and paper. I have downsized from a cupboard and storage rack in the basement to 3 boxes.

The top measurements are for the box and the bottom for the lid. Cut out of 2 mm thick A3 sized grey board. Lay a piece of wallpaper under the cut out box and lid, trace and cut out allowing an extra 2 cm for folding. Score all the folding lines of the box and lid, fold and hold together with cello tape. Paste the box and lid with wallpaper or bookbinding glue and glue the wallpaper all around the box and lid. That's it! You can make insert cards out of the left over grey board. I used alphabet stamps for the letters.

Have a fun weekend, see you Monday x

DIY Pegboard

Today I'm going to share the last DIY I did for Dille & Kamille. It was such a pleasure working for them. I hope you have enjoyed all of my previous "Dille DIYs".

How to get started

First measure the space you need for the pegboard. You can buy perforated hardboard in any hardware store. You'll have to saw the board to fit your space, often they'll do that for you at the hardware store if you ask them nicely. Make sure to finely sand the edges and the top of the pegboard before assembling it to the wall.

How to assemble the pegboard

Press with a pencil through the holes so that dots are left on the wall. The dots mark where you have to drill the holes. Left and right, top and bottom and one in the middle otherwise the pegboard will curl up a bit. Drill holes in the wall. Place tape (2) over the hole where the screw should be. Place small transparent doorstops (available at any hardware store) on the back of the pegboard and a screw with rivet on the front (1) of the pegboard. Screw all the screws and then remove the tape.

Finishing off the board

Sand the pegboard lightly and remove the dust with a cloth. Primer the pegboard well, sand again lightly and then paint the pegboard in any desired colour.

That's it!!

I've used S-hooks for hanging. There are so many fun things for sale at Dille & Kamille to hang on the pegboard. Such as flower pots, baskets for storing rope. But also, ladles, utensils and cute pans.

For instructions in Dutch, go to Dille & Kamille.

I'm not actually using the pegboard in my kitchen as there's no space. I would love it though as I'd be very Julia Child. I've set up a space in my basement studio for this photo and will use the pegboard for my crafting supplies instead. More on that soon.

Crochet Clothes Hangers

It's been way too long and I won't let that happen again. It just seems that everything I do is in a bit of a knot and I find it hard to get that knot untangled. I need to get things straight again.

Today I want to share a DIY I made for Dille & Kamille. They are selling these amazing cedar wood clothes hangers which I love as they are perfect for wool clothing and dresses. I've tweaked this pattern to fit around the sturdy Dille & Kamille hangers.

You need a 5 mm crochet hook and Annell Malmedy yarn form IDA Yarn Shop. I've used a beautiful soft alpaca yarn for the top hanger which I bought in Dordrecht and is one of a kind. The importance of this pattern is that you use that 5 mm hook!

You can download the pattern in English here and in Dutch here.

I often get asked where I got my pink scissors from. I bought mine ages ago from Sublime Stitching but she's no longer selling them. I found a pair on this website. It's one of those best lifetime buys.

Happy Monday x

Myself and Maggi

Things are quite busy these days. Promoting books, working on another book (to be released spring 2016), writing my column for Sjiek magazine, doing lots of productions here and there and maintaining this lovely space. I love it, I have finally found my groove. On days that I'm not working on my own recipes I like to cheat a little by using something that makes cooking a bit easier and faster. I'm not a pot and satchel person myself so when MAGGI asked me to get creative with one of their products I took on the challenge.

I'm introducing one of their products today. Braadstomen is steamed chicken from a bag. You place the chicken with some fresh veg in a bag, tie-wrap it and place it in the oven for 40 minutes. It's sounds dangerous but it's not. It's like magic, delicious and super easy to prepare. The satchel contains a steaming bag, a tie-wrap and herbs to season the chicken. And after 40 minutes you have this amazing tender chicken.

MAGGI sent Loran to my home to shoot a video in which we demonstrate how to prepare the chicken and what one can do in 40 minutes. Watch the video of Loran and I preparing the chicken, embroidering the napkin and taking the above photo. Plus you get the see my home, it's all quite embarrassing - ha!!



Steam the chicken fillet with the chopped onion and peppers for 40 minutes in the oven, follow the instructions on the bag. When the 40 minutes are over toss the content of the bag in a large pan together with  the beans and corn. Cut the chicken in smaller chunks and heat until the beans are hot.

Serve with taco shells, fresh lettuce, sour cream and guacamole.

Quick Guacamole

  • 2 ripe avocados (mashed)
  • 1 large red onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 tomatoes (finely chopped)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • 1 bag of MAGGI Braadstomen Mexicaans
  • 600 gr chicken fillet
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 red peper
  • 1 yellow peper
  • 1 can crispy corn
  • 1 can chilli beans
  • a pinch of smoked paprika

You can download the branch template for the napkin here. I've used a Chain Stitch for the stem and the Lazy Daisy Stitch for the petals. Use a transfer pencil to transfer the branch on to the napkin.

Happy long weekend x

Embroidered Napkins for Easter

Sunday it's Easter, spring's Christmas ... or it feels like that these days. The supermarkets were packed today and also IKEA. Those ball pools always freak me out as it's a pool full of germs. I'd never let my kid play in a ball pool if I had one.

I bring you embroidered napkins today for Easter breakfast, lunch or brunch. You can download the alphabet template here.


I've used a simple chain stitch and a transfer pencil to trace the letters on to the napkins.