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    Forever & Ever Hydrangeas


    It’s said that keeping a garden with hydrangeas is boring as they are such easy plants to keep, they always have beautiful flowers throughout summer and autumn and don’t need much maintenance. Therefore gardening with hydrangeas is seeking an easy way out. Well, what the hell is wrong with that? I don’t see why that’s boring as that’s something I really want in my life and for my garden.

    The plants I was growing in the two patches of my kitchen garden, that I want to keep the same each year, were not working for me and for the garden. The first two years I was growing Lavatera and Lupines in the patches but the Lavatera was growing much too big and were overcrowding the boxed hedges. I do really want flowers and colours and something that would fit and grow well inside the boxed hedges and under the apple tree and the rose bush. So hydrangeas it is.

    I heard about the Forever & Ever Hydrangeas through last years Meet the Blogger. We were each given a hydrangea home and I was amazed by how well and beautiful the hydrangea was growing in a pot. Inge, from Forever & Ever, and I got in touch and she invited me to the nurseries.

    There are so many features I like about the Forever & Ever hydrangeas: you don’t need to prune them, it’s a sustainable plant, flowers every year as this hydrangea flowers on annual and perennial wood and the nursery only uses bio-based products to grow the hydrangeas.

    I’ve learned a few valuable things during my visit but one stood out the most and that’s why most potted plants and vegetables don’t grow well when they are put outside. It’s because they are not used to the outdoors – ah ha! Such a silly simple know-how but it never popped in my head. The Forever & Ever hydrangeas grow in a real cool conservatory with roofs that are almost all year round wide open.

    The next super valuable thing I’ve learned is that hydrangeas with white flowers are much more vulnerable as their pink, blue and red brothers and sisters. On the image left you can see the roots of a white hydrangea and on the right the roots of a pink hydrangea. The white hydrangeas need lots more TLC, you need to be extra careful with them in sunlight and they need more water. Best is actually to place little umbrellas over them when the sun is high out, and how cute is that going to look!

    Can you imagine that the little cuttings in the above picture will be as big as the plants I took home over a period of just one year? There were 30+ plants waiting for me to take home and I had to try to squeeze them all in my car. I insisted to take a trailer but Bo insisted I did not, because I honestly don’t think he trusts me driving with a trailer – I am a very fast driver.

    But I managed in the end and felt so happy driving around with them, all my babies onboard.

    The next time I’ll tell you (and show you) how to best plant a hydrangea.

    This post is not sponsored. I love Forever & Ever Hydrangeas and I wish to highly recommend them!

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