A Big Announcement - Yvestown Magazine

Last weekend at Blogtacular I've made the big announcement: I'm going to quit blogging on a regular basis and instead I'm going to turn my blog into an online magazine. I'll publish Yvestown Magazine 6 times a year giving you at least 200 pages full of all the stuff I love in life. There will be craft and crochet tutorials, travel reports, shopping tips, book and film reviews, peeks inside my personal life, gardening tips, recipes ... and lots more. Obviously there will be extra Easter and Christmas specials of the magazine.

I've made this decision as I feel quite limited with the amount of space I have for one single blog post. There are times when I have so much to share but so little space that I end up sharing nothing instead. I want to be able to give you features, to tell you stories and to give you more visual happiness.

The first issue of Yvestown Magazine will be published in autumn.  I'll continue my blog for now until I launch the first issue early October. I'm really excited and I can't wait to start working on the first issue.