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And all of a sudden it’s almost September and I have been totally neglecting this space. It’s just so different my new life as shop and tea room owner. It keeps me on my toes and incredibly busy. Also the sweltering heath has slowed me down immensely, boy we can’t complain about not having had a hot summer.

In the meantime I managed to make something out of two items I’m selling in my shop. It was out pure necessity as I needed a on-the-go-bag for my sanitary towels and wet wipes. As I’m almost turning 44 I’m experiencing really intens periods and I need to cary quite a lot of stuff around with me. Paracetamols, intimate wipes, XXXL sanitary towels and toiletpaper. I’m a neat freak so this is actually killing me. Anyone going through perimenopause? Please vent here, you are not alone.

Anyway, I’m selling these amazing organic cotton toiletry bags in my shop. They are made out of beautiful sturdy canvas and are also perfect for embroidery.

I paired them with an iron on patch from Meri Meri. Find the Meow one here and the Easy Tiger! here.

It’s really super simple to apply and it adds such a cuteness to the plain bag. The instructions are on the back of the iron on patches.

I currently offer free shipping, please find out here. And for a limited time only* you’ll receive a free copy of my DIY book with your order or with your brick and mortar shop purchases.

*as long as stocks last

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  • Nicky at Not My Mother
    24/08/2018 at 03:48

    Oh gosh I can so relate to the perimenopause thing. I’m 47 and I’m sick of people telling me I’m “way too young” to be having this, I know I’m not imagining it! The little bag is so cute, I love the idea of being able to embroider on it. And having everything contained instead of floating around in the bottom of my handbag… why did I never think of this for myself?

    So glad you’re writing again, I’ve missed your words 🙂

  • Quinita
    31/08/2018 at 13:48

    So cute!!

  • Eline Schreurs
    15/09/2018 at 15:13

    That is really really cute!

    Eline from