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It’s Decal Time

After a much needed hiatus Bo and I allowed ourselves some time to do some decorating. We have decided to leave the house for what it is right now as we might have new home plans – yes yet again. But we can only realize them in a few years. We also need to fully concentrate on our new business endeavour, more about that soon.

And al of a sudden it’s November and it’s that time of year again where I shamelessly get to decorate.

We painted the upstairs bedrooms and also painted the IKEA TARVA items that were just bare wood for months. I will dedicate a full post to the room and the colours soon. I just wanted to highlight the Christmas window decals that I’m selling for the third year.

You can buy them in my Etsy shop for €8.50, world wide shipping included. You can stick them on doors, windows, mirrors, chalkboards and so on. One time only as they are not reusable.

My bedroom just makes me so happy now. You should have seen what it looked like before, paint is magic!

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