Marieke en Jan’s Wedding

It’s been so awfully long since my last post. I had my mum over to stay all of May and when my mum is here I spend all time with her as she’s not here quite often, she lives in Suriname. And in June we spent preparing and decorating the wedding of Marieke and Jan.

Marieke and Jan are the new owners of our previous home. On the day that we signed the papers at our realtor’s office they asked us if we would like to style their upcoming wedding as they so much love our style. We said yes in a heartbeat!

Over the next few months I had the pleasure to hang out and go shopping with Marieke, who happens to be such a wonderful person and who I had such laughs with. We connected and everything went like clockwork. They already had the perfect home 😉 In the meantime Boris painted their cats to hang in the exact spot as where BooBoo used to hang and I had fun painting jars in blush pink, gold and copper.

We basically styled the main events room with lace, balloons and vases filled with peonies and wild flowers. Boris build an amazing photography backdrop, I set up an old-fashioned candy table and I helped Marieke pick out her wedding bouquet.

We were even allowed to stay during the party, spent a night at the hotel and have breakfast with their families in the morning. And when Jan thanked us in his speech for the beautiful decorations and for their beautiful home I obviously had to cry.

It’s just so special how lives sometimes can get tied up. We have a house and their special day that will bond us forever.

Thank you Marieke and Jan xxx

ps: If you want me to style, decorate or plan your wedding, please get in touch.

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  • Kathleen
    25/06/2017 at 18:03

    I love this story, what gifts of beauty you’ve brought into their lives! ❤️

  • Meredithe
    26/06/2017 at 06:12

    How special and sooo lovely. Congrats to all.