Wonder Woman

Today it’s my mother’s birthday but it’s also international girls day. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that those two events share a date. My mother raised me as from my 14th birthday all by herself as my father quite abruptly passed away. My sister and brother who are both respectively much older than I already moved out or were on their way to move out. So for most of my teenage years I was alone with my mother.

I was a very difficult teenager with massive hormonal behaviour that caused my mother to have many sleepless nights and lots of tears. I yelled at her, I accused her of my existence and she was always, always wrong. The bravest and most intelligent things my mother did were to never yell back, to not hit me, punish me, discourage me, tell me off, take me down, to not believe in me or to give up on me. And for that respect she ought to wear a cape and be a wonder woman.

So when I got to talk to Plan Nederland a few months ago and opted the idea of doing something on this special day all dedicated to girls, I had my mother in the back of my mind.

Worldwide, girls are disadvantaged and discriminated against. Often they can’t finish school. Women earn only 10 percent of the world income, they do 65 percent of the work and yet they have only 1 percent of all possessions. Reason enough for everyone to gain a voice for girls and young women worldwide. Girls from all over the world have the right to be a Wonder Woman. Teacher, politician, CEO, world leader, role model and hero.

Are you going to help Plan Nederland to fight for these rights? If you purchase this t-shirt and wear it with pride you will help Plan to help millions of girls worldwide who don’t have such loving parents as we did or who live in a country that isn’t so liberal and sheds so many opportunities as the countries we live in.

Go to and be a wonder woman or give it to someone else who you think is a wonder woman. Let your husband, boyfriend, sons and daughters wear a t-shirt to show that they respect women worldwide. Eight EURO of the profits go straight to Plan for girls foundation.

If you write about this campaign use #planwonderwoman and tag @plannederland

Many thanks to the wonder women who helped me during this campaign; Daan from maandagdaandag, Monique from Happymakersblog, Esther from Babyccino, Ingrid from Ingthings, Erik form Mikodeisgn, Jantine en Vivian van April and May, Desiree van vosgesparis, Vie from The Door in the Wall, Barbara Decre  photography, Vanessa from Culinessa and Elvis from a Girl Named Elvis

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch so I can get you in touch with Plan Nederland.

Happy international girls day to all girls worldwide and happy birthday mama you gave me wings xxx

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