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Le Creuset and Westwing

Hello, … I’m so giddy as I have recently found out about Westwing and they have a Le Creuset sale going on. A few weeks back there was also a Le Creuset sale going on, so I signed up and had an amazing offer on a few casseroles.

I was in desperate need of a new casserole as the one I had was becoming quite tatty. I bought it years ago when Amazon was doing a 50% off sale on discontinuing colours.

I bought this casserole and a few baking trays, all in the same colour. It was the right blue that matched my other blue things in the kitchen. But over time I started to develop a love for a more greyish blue (as I like all my pastels to have a hint of grey in them) and grew out of love with the colour, but not out of love with the pan.

I think Le Creuset has nailed it with their beautiful new pastels. I’ve ordered the blue one a few weeks ago and I’m about the order the cotton white oval casserole as soon as I’ve finished this post.

The sale is on the Dutch Westwing site and lasts for another 3 days.

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