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Forever & Ever Hydrangeas in Bloom

As a follow up on to the Forever & Ever Hydrangeas I’ve planted in April I can tell you that I’m absolutely in love with them. This is honestly the best hydrangea I have ever worked with. They are in full and utter amazing bloom!

I’ve planted them in 3 different spots; a combination of red and pink under my garden shed window and also my absolute favourite spot. Don’t be fooled about the sad looking flowers, it’s a sweltering 31C here today so we all look like that. But look at the massive flowers and the beautiful green and strong leaves.

My second favourite spot are baskets and pots. It seems that the plants love it. The largest flowers of the 3 different spots are definitely in the baskets and pots.

I also love the colours, the pink is just the perfect pink and the blue goes so well with all the lavender in the garden.

My least favourite spot in the garden are the boxed hedges. The hydrangeas are exactly doing what I had planned for them to do and are growing as impressively and bold as in the other two spots, but I don’t like all the colours mixed up. I would have gone for a two colour combination instead of a four coloured one. So either pink and red or blue and white. It’s looking like a very bold flag to me now, so I must correct this next year.

But overall I’m so happy and pleased. Next time I’ll show you how to maintain the hydrangeas.

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  • gras_vd_buren
    23/06/2016 at 21:40


  • Isabell
    26/06/2016 at 19:31

    Hello Yvonne,
    I love them soooo much. But they don´t want to grow here. I have two of them, I think they don’t like the ground here in my garden.

  • irene Mota de Campos
    29/06/2016 at 13:05

    Beautiful, I love all the colours.