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Kitchen Changes

Because there wasn’t a proper kitchen when we first moved into our home, 8 years ago, we had to come up with a real fast plan. I basically copied the kitchen we had in our previous home and made it work. I absolutely love drawing plans and taking measurement, so it’s about time to do that again as my kitchen is not really working for me right now.

There’s one big thing that’s bothering me most and that’s the kitchen island and the boot room cupboard. As seen in the above image, I don’t use the bottom part of the kitchen island and I don’t use the top part of the boot room cupboard. But I have found the solution to solve this problem. We will have to sell the kitchen island (if you are interested give me a shoot) move the boot room cupboards to the kitchen island area, turning it into an island with a nice marble worktop. And turn the bit of space between the larder into a desk area so that I can write my recipes over there. This way I’ll have all the kitchen cupboards in the kitchen and a cute little writing corner in the boot room.

To add more colour the the kitchen I’ll wallpaper the wall above the stove in the same wallpaper as in the boot room. That way the walls also will draw the illusion that they belong together.

So it’s nothing major really, just some twitches here and there to make this kitchen work for me again. I’m in there and awful lot so it should be pretty and practical.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Meredithe
    15/04/2016 at 00:03

    It’s often the small changes that can make the biggest differences. Have fun!

    • yvestown
      25/04/2016 at 21:37

      That’s so true, thank you x