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Pom Pom Flowers for Valentine

Or any other occasion that needs pom poms …

These are super simple to make. All you need is yarn, a pom pom maker (or a fork, your fingers or two round pieces of carton with a hole in it – anything that will make a pom pom), fabric glue and flower wire. You can also use real sticks for a more rustic effect.

Dip the tip of the flower wire in the fabric glue and push it through the pom pom. After a few minutes the wire will glue together with the pom pom. Now you can experiment.

Stick it on a gift or put them in a vase. They make such a happy decoration.

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  • Claire Armstrong
    22/01/2016 at 16:45

    Very simple but ohhh so sweet !

  • No Ordinary Tales
    22/01/2016 at 20:33

    Deze zijn echt zo ontzettend schattig! Zeker een leuke afwisseling met echte bloemen en ze blijven ook nog eens langer staan 🙂