The Shopkeeper’s Home

My friend Caroline Rowland of Patchwork Harmony and 91 Magazine wrote the most amazing book. A book that was on my wish list months ago as I was so excited about the content. Don’t you have that? It’s like how I felt when a new Harry Potter book was released.

It’s beyond my expectations. There’s nothing better in this world than peeking inside someone else’s home or shop, this book is all about that.

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

The book starts with decorating tips on how to display objects in your home inspired by the shops and homes in the book. At first I thought; “oh oh, where are all the shops and their homes?” but it all turned out wonderful as after a few page flips the fun begins. I love that about this book. It’s organised and all the photo’s belong to the rightful owners, making this book not a jumble of photo’s and styling tips but a proper home and shop tour guide extravaganza.

I’m quite fed up with over-styled unrealistic interiors. I want to see the real thing as I believe that home-owners of homes that are published in books are already living in styled homes. It’s all in The Shopkeeper’s home. Beautiful shops, beautiful homes and addresses. It makes me want to travel the world just to shop!

The Hambledon in Winchester UK

There are shops in this book that are totally new to me and some of them are very familiar as the lovely Hambledon in Winchester, one of my favourite shops and people in the world. Check out the Pinterest board I’m curating for them.

Loop London UK

Also my trustworthy yarn shop when I visit London, Loop, is in the book. And the quirky home of shop owner Susan Cropper.

Susan Cropper’s home of Loop London UK

The Shopkeeper’s Home by Caroline Rowland, published by Jacqui Small, £25 Hardback.

It’s a book that inspires me and comes at a good time in my life as I’m about to open my own brick and mortar shop, right here in my living room. It’s all going to happen in Spring 2016. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Claire Robinson
    07/10/2015 at 15:48

    Gosh, your new venture sounds most exciting! Look forward to hearing more about it. This book does look lovely… and you have chosen two of my favourite shops!

  • Margaret
    07/10/2015 at 16:13

    Great looking book that gives inspiration. Wonderful to hear about you opening your own shop in March.

    I wish you good luck and great success, Margaret

  • lynda
    07/10/2015 at 16:51

    and now I want to visit them all…..thanks….I think 😉