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My in-between Bedroom

As you read last time we had to do an in-between renovations bedroom makeover as IKEA Family Live was shooting our home for their spring issue. They gave us a good bargain: a PAX wardrobe for a bedroom to shoot, how could we refuse as my clothes were still hanging everywhere as I’ve owned a sweatshop.

It’s just structurally that everything will change as I’m quite happy with all the furniture and where everything is right now. I do want a nicer bench at the foot of my bed and as the floor will be white I’m going to buy an Armadillo rug from my sister’s shop.

I keep referring to “my bedroom”, well I’m not going to be funny about it but Bo and I have separate bedrooms and this actually is my bedroom. Ever since we moved to the house with the many bedrooms we started sleeping separately as I’m a tosser (in a nice way) and Bo is a snorer. Basically we keep each other awake at night and I really need my sleep. And we are also people who both need a lot of space in bed. When we stay in hotels we always get a super king or a twin bedroom. It works for us and makes us healthier and happier.

I never have enough space for all my stuff on a night stand so I’m using this chest of drawers as a night stand. Now I don’t have to put a lot of junk on top but I can store them neatly in drawers and out of sight.

I’m not yet revealing the number of this paint colour as I’m working on my own line of chalk paint. The paint will be available in my brand new online and offline shop early spring 2016. So watch out for that one!

I want to keep the PAX wardrobe for another post as I just love to show you how I’ve done it and how I’ve organised it. But at long last my clothes are in a closet!

I wish you all a lovely weekend, I’ll be in my bedroom x

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  • Aynur
    18/09/2015 at 16:31

    Ik kijk nu al uit naar je webshop zeg..! Ik ben zeer benieuwd en inderdaad een prachtige kastkleur! Verder vind ik het top dat je je gewoon lekker voelt bij het feit van gescheiden (oef..dat woord..) slapen en dit ook gewoon ontspannen met ons deelt. Overdag genoeg tijd om tegen elkaar aan ‘te snuggelen’ 😉

  • Jessica
    18/09/2015 at 16:38

    You are not alone on sleeping in different rooms! I’d rather spend quality time with my husband when we’re awake! If we sleep in the same bed, that doesn’t happen. Snoring, pets, talking in your sleep doesn’t make for an environment conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. I also have my own room and it’s super girly! My husband says it reminds him of visiting me in my dorm room when I was back in college. 🙂

    • Yvonne Eijkenduijn
      18/09/2015 at 20:05

      I know I’m not alone and I find that a good thing. Sleep is so important these days and totally not overrated. We are so busy and our minds keep spinning constantly. I’m the same, I’d rather have a relaxing time when we are awake!!! I’m already looking forward decorating Bo’s room. Thanks for sharing xxxx

  • Tineke
    18/09/2015 at 17:13

    Super geworden!

  • Denise
    19/09/2015 at 12:17

    Wat een prachtige kamer 🙂 En heerlijk toch, om je eigen plekje te hebben.

  • Jen@thecottagenest
    20/09/2015 at 12:29

    I love your bedroom as is and that pink cabinet is just perfect!

  • MUS
    20/09/2015 at 22:57


  • Marloes
    21/09/2015 at 13:46

    Wat een heerlijk plekje! En stiekem ook wel jaloers op zo’n eigen plekje… ooit als ik de loterij win 😉

  • (L)Yvonne
    21/09/2015 at 16:02

    Ohhh ik zou willen dat het zo mooi wordt bij ons als eindproduct! Knap!

  • Claire Robinson
    23/09/2015 at 15:22

    Looking so restful and pretty… a lovely transformation!

  • Carole
    01/05/2016 at 18:32

    I love the bedroom too. So calm and serene. And that pink, perfect!

    • Toni Dileo
      30/12/2016 at 04:32

      What a beautiful bedroom. I love the pink and white. No need to feel funny about having your own rooms. Best kept secrets of many married couples. ❤

      • yvestown
        30/12/2016 at 21:34

        That’s 100% true … plus you get to have sleep overs 😉