For the past two years I’ve been trying to find the perfect small over de shoulder bag. I’m extremely picky; the strap is too long, the strap is too short, the leather is too red, there’s a button on that bag that shouldn’t be there … and so on. There’s no denying that I’m very serious about my accessories shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about Keecie. Keecie bags and accessories are really plain and simple on the outside but cheery and happy on the inside. So when I was asked to review some of their products, I said Yes! in a heartbeat.

I’ve used the Picking Flowers, medium over the shoulder bag last weekend to stroll around an amusement park with. It was the best testing ground ever as I had to carry it in and out several roller-coasters. And I’m smitten, the length of the strap is perfect, the size of the bag is just fine and I felt really save as the strap to close the bag with goes all the way round. And as a bonus, I’ve got a really beautiful inside to look at each time I opened the bag, and it didn’t drop out of a roller-coaster when I hung upside down four times in a row.

My Picks

1. Picking Flowers, medium 2. Tree House 3. Mini Tweet Key

These are the products I choose. I really love the Tree House clutch as I can use it as a small party clutch or as an oversized pencil case for the use in a larger bag. I do really need a larger Keecie bag!! Love it!

Images by and posted in collaboration with Keecie – all views are my own

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  • Carie
    24/06/2015 at 11:22

    Oh I love the flowers on the inside flap, they’re so pretty!

  • Gaëtane Goffin
    24/06/2015 at 13:29

    Super schoon!!

  • Maryline
    24/06/2015 at 19:15

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been looking for the perfect navy bag for ages, might have just found it :).