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A Wood Poster Hanger

Last week I bought this vintage camomile chart. As I don’t want to put it behind glass I had to come up with an easy wood hanger system so that the poster didn’t loose it’s age, glass makes it’s so modern.

How I did it:

I’ve used 2 cm x 0,6 cm rods that were lying around in the basement.

Measures the poster width and make 4 lengths of wood, two for the top and two for the bottom. Clip the nails so that they are approximately 1,2 cm long.

Turn the poster and use a small piece of scotch tape to attach the poster to the wood.

Measures how long you wish the cord to be. Tie a knot on the bottom bits on both sides.

Make sure you use the exact same distance left and right for the placement of your cord. If you don’t do this your poster will never be centred. I’ve used a distance of 8 cm on both sides.

Place the other bit of wood on top and hammer the first nail exactly in the middle of the cord. Repeat this on the other side and hammer another nail in the centre of the wood.

That’s it, repeat these steps for the bottom bit of the poster without the cord.

Makes a perfect Sunday afternoon project. Happy Sunday x

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  • tineke
    02/03/2014 at 15:05

    Wat een goed idee! Bedankt!

  • Leslie-Anne
    03/03/2014 at 12:16

    This is a very simple and attractive solution. Thank you for posting the instructions.

  • Jo-Anne
    03/03/2014 at 16:42

    Good setting, in a corner. Or ina room funk shining.
    work well to gether

  • Sarah
    04/03/2014 at 10:00

    I have just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for a crochet mittens pattern. That was a good half an hour ago as I have now read every post! Your home is what I dream mine to be one day and I love everything that you have made. Thank you for the inspiration and calm during my hectic days.

  • Julia
    05/03/2014 at 00:29

    Unbelievable! After admiring your ideas for year, this time you write about something I actually used before… Almost two decades ago I hung this way two REM promotional posters I got after much asking the right person, and a really big map of my really small country :-). The only remarkable difference is that I used fishing line.

    Cool vintage chart, by the way. I like that sort of imagery but I feel it doesn’t go with my home (yet… at least).

    Cheers from Uruguay!

  • Tan
    05/03/2014 at 17:44

    So simple and perfect! I love this DIY

  • Pluizen
    06/03/2014 at 10:40


  • Lisa Rushton
    06/03/2014 at 16:17

    this looks great – i love the print x

  • Claire Robinson
    07/03/2014 at 12:44

    A lovely idea… and suits the poster just so!

  • Claire Robinson
    07/03/2014 at 12:44

    A lovely idea… and suits the poster just so!

  • aisling
    20/03/2014 at 20:59

    Oh this is a great idea! I have some beautiful pieces I also don’t want to put behind glass – this is a great solution, thank you!
    a x

  • Plien
    24/03/2014 at 15:00

    very smart!

  • debra cooper
    25/03/2014 at 19:29

    What a fabulous idea! I have several posters or pieces of art on paper that I don’t necessarily want to frame, but would look awfully sad just pinned to the wall. This is a great compromise. So clever & pretty! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Fiona Harvey
    15/04/2014 at 07:09

    Oh, this takes me back! In the 1970s my Dad hung posters like this, but using rounded beading. He even painted a large green apple on thick paper, and hung it this way on our kitchen wall, filling a blank wall with original art for just a few dollars.

  • Emily Clark
    15/04/2014 at 14:35

    I love your vintage chamomile chart and what you did with it! So simple and lovely!
    I’m so excited to have found your beautiful blog through Tales from a Happy House, and I can’t wait to hunker in with a cup of tea and read through your archives. Your photos are candy to the eye!

  • Aleksandra
    06/11/2014 at 01:08

    I love the white vase… Where is it from?


    • Yvonne Eijkenduijn
      06/11/2014 at 19:53


  • Kate
    10/01/2015 at 09:31

    Thank you. I was looking on eBay for an old wooden poster hanger (having seen one on display in a shop) but couldn’t find one, so I thought ‘Maybe I could make one?’
    Your post showed me how and I’m delighted with the result! Great stuff.

    Kate, London

  • Lola
    22/02/2015 at 23:32

    Thank you! Just did this for a giant poster that I didn’t want to spend too much on a frame! And looks even better than if I would have gotten an expensive one anyway!