Danny Deckchair


Last year I bought  two vintage deck chairs at a flea market with the intention to sew new covers for them, but they stayed in the garage as summer was short and wet.

Today I got them out and made new covers for them in just under one hour.

As I like everything in my home we sit on washable, I was really happy with the vintage rod system that these chairs come with. Modern deck chairs come with the fabric tagged or stapled on to the wood frame which makes it so dreadful to get off and give it a wash. It seems to me that in the old days people had more time to make more inventive things and everything seems to work better. With modern mass production we're just looking at wath is simple to make and how to make loads of it, quantity over quality ... I really dislike that.


Look how great this is; I can push the fabric through the gap, push the rod through the fabric and pull it back ... so much more easier than staples!!


I've made a small cushion with the leftover fabric, drank my favourite Breckland Orchard ginger beer with chili and read The Handmade Marketplace. It's good that the sun is out.

Download the instructions here

ps: I've named the deckchair Danny after one of my favourite movie characters, Danny Morgan, out of the Aussie movie Danny Deckchair. I've used this fabric for the back and the fabric for the front is sold out.