The Office - the one with the desk


Tomorrow we are going to film how I paint my living room floor white. I'll make sure I get that clip from the production company to display on my blog as it's the number one question in my e-mail inbox. So after the weekend I can start painting the windows, doors and walls. And after that I can start to move furniture in!!!

I of course can't wait to move around furniture so I've started to move offices instead, as my current office is getting too small. I'm moving to the dining room as the dining room will be in the living room (I know it's complicated) I've started with installing a desk area where once used to be a plate wall.


I used the same table and the same IKEA wall ledges but replaced the plates with different items. BYE stands for "Boris-Yvonne-Eijkenduijn", we think that's rather cute.


I've used a Jieldé lamp to match the same brand's ceiling lamp.


How to make  jar cosies.

So far we still use the room as a dining room. I now have to wait for the piano to move out and all the china. I'll use the cabinets to store books, stationary, files and folders. The dining table will function as a perfect table for meetings and such.

As I'm writing this post I sit happily behind my new desk in my new spot.

Have a lovely weekend xox