HEMA Spring / Summer 2013


Last Friday I took my friend, Sofie, to the HEMA spring/summer 2013 press day in Amsterdam. Sofie and I are massive HEMA fans so when I got the e-mail invite in my inbox I made a happy dance.

The HEMA is a very Dutch department store, being around for ages and evolving throughout the years, with fashionable home wares, beautiful food, clothes, make-up, everything you need for your newborn. It's just one perfect department store and to my opinion our nation's pride.


This was one of the best, happiest and friendliest press days I've had the pleasure to attend. It was mellow, the organization was super friendly and everything was spread out so that you really could soak in the beautiful spring atmosphere.


The new collection is going to be smashing! Oh did Sofie and I object that we couldn't have a pre-shop. We wanted to take every single piece of clothing and all the amazing new stationary home with us. There are so many good items coming for garden parties and lazy summer days. Even the new nail polish collection got me buzzing and went home with beautiful coral nails that matched my outfit.


Thank you HEMA for a lovely day.