The Plastered Walls of Happiness


Three days of freezing cold rooms, white dust everywhere, plaster men walking in and out using my toilet without washing their hands and enormous amount of coffee making later and I have a beautiful plastered living room.

Do you remember this, just before Christmas? I love plaster and paint!!!


It's drying out amazingly fast using that red beast in the middle of the room. Do you see that tank filled with water? That's just from this morning. It's sucking out the water fast enough so that I can start thinking about paint and fabric.

And although we first need to get the old floor out and a new one in, attach the molding to the ceiling, tile the fireplace and get the wood burner installed I've made a colour guide already, just to keep me going.


My hands are itching, I can't wait to start decorating this beautiful white canvas only after living in it's brown ugliness for the past 4 years.