Meet The Blogger London


It's official, I'll be the keynote speaker at Meet The Blogger London. I'll be also hosting a real fun workshop with the fabulous Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar. I don't know which one I am most excited about ...

There's an interview with me on the MTB blog right now. It's so cool to see pictures of oneself without knowing these pictures were taken and to see how much  hair is grown back and how much weight is lost in the past few months. Well done me ;o)

I'm also really excited to meet up with some fun bloggers I only know through blogging. I can't wait for Saturday night 'cocktail night' - people buy tickets so you can watch me dance, it's very amusing.

And to top all this up with a beautiful cherry, Cath Kidston will be our sponsor for the workshop - the mothership has called me home.

Tickets  on sale now