ixxi Loco Giveaway


In light of talking to friends for the documentary I'm working on we went to my buddy, Roel one of the ixxi inventors. Roel and I talked about ixxi but we also talked about a project the both of us are working on. Finally, it's something we wanted to do for the past 13 years  but never happened.


Roel, ixxi and Studio Parade share this former hospital soup kitchen set in the city centre of my home town 's-Hertogenboch in The Netherlands.


We both felt a bit like Theo & Thea sat behind Roel's desk talking paper and design, but we had such a laugh.


And to give this post a happy end I'm allowed to give 2 of my readers an ixxi Loco each! The winners can either pick yellow or pink.


All you have to do is leave a comment before Tuesday the 22nd of January and I'll draw a winner. It would be utterly cool if you could like ixxi on Facebook or follow them on Twitter just to be a good sport and only if you have an account, it will not influence your chance to win.

This giveaway is open to yvestown readers worldwide - YAY!

This giveaway is closed