The First Signs of Christmas


Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday and as I found out that Bo didn't plan any work we've decided to drive up to England to do some Christmas shopping. Now what's a better Birthday gift for me? Before I leave I want to show you the one room that's Christmas proof.

I don't believe in a one coloured Christmas, I decorate according to the colours I use in my home. This article is in German but if you put it in Google translate you'll get to know about the multi-coloured trend that's going on right now. Well I've been multi-coloured my whole life, literally that is.


I mix vintage with homespun. I've made the paper garlands myself and tied a Christmas tree on the Jag, like everyone does. It's just so funny ...


I stuff the room with many coloured candles and lit them when it's dark. I place pink hyacinths in cups for the lovely flowers and the lovely smell.


The pink wire basket is from Ferm Living and my latest treasure, it's so beautiful!!


And I dress to match the room. Boy I wish it was Christmas all year round.

See you in a couple of days xox