Nothing Monday


Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes over here, on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp I had a super good one.

I got up this morning at 6:00 to drive Bo to Eindhoven. When I left the house I turned the heating up and switched my electrical blanket on. I got back home at 7:30 crawled back into my warm bed and watched Friday's Edward Norton show*. I did 4 loads of laundry while I had naps in between and just found out that I have nothing on the agenda for the rest of the day but getting orders ready and posting them.


I'm going to stay all day in my pj bottoms ignoring the boxes of Christmas decorations for the kitchen. I'll drive to the post office wearing my pj bottoms and come back home and eat my third piece of apple pie. I'll play some more solitaire on my iPad, I might have another cup of rich hot chocolate and I'll cuddle BooBoo's fluffy tummy.


Tomorrow I'll go back to work but today I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Nothing Monday.

* I just read my error Edward Norton Show, Graham Norton Show that is of course. Oh my an Edward Norton Show ... would be super interesting.