Have a Gocco Christmas


I had all sorts of wild plans to handwrite and stamp this years christmas cards but I failed miserably so I had to come up with something different. That's when I thought about my Gocco screen printer and checked to see if there were baubles left - only two, just enough!

I forgot how much fun it is to use a Gocco as it has been ages since I've last used it.


It's so simple and I can recommend to read in to owning a Gocco as it will make life so much more fun owning one. As from now on I'll start to use mine over and over again.

I went for my two favourite dress colours, navy and pink, and used white paint for the print on the card.


How funny that I've yet made a double Dutch error as the card is in English only the en between Boris and Yvonne should be an and and not a Dutch en. Ah well it's printed now and I love it!