The Country Living Christmas Fair


What a whirlwind of wonderful things I have been in the last two days. On Tuesday morning I left for London to attend the Laura Ashley press show followed by Holly Becker'sDecorate Workshop book launch at Anthropologie. On Wednesday I went to the Country Living Christmas Fair and back home again to a cold house and not hot water, I hope to get that fixed today.

All the events were pretty spectacular and fun but I was most excited about the Country Living Christmas Fair, come on readers ... COUNTRY LIVING CHRISTMAS FAIR. Who cares about snowy hilltops or weaving palms when one can have a view like this one:


Now that is my kind of view. It's Christmas porn.


So many inspiring craftsman and woman were present in their beautiful decorated stalls. I'm still a little overwhelmed by all the inspiration I now store on my brain's Christmas hard drive.

A round up of my favourite stalls and sellers:


This post wouldn't be me if I end with a point of criticism ... mwhaaaa.

Of course there were low bits and that were the thousands of people pushing and shoving between the stalls. Why can't these events just be for me alone to enjoy? Like having a "Yvonne Lane" everywhere I drive or shop? Also the press facilities were really poor - note for next year Country Living.