Rose Wreath


Was the weather as lovely at your end as it was at my end today?

I did a bit of a crazy winter garden prep and now all my muscles ache. I'm like that, I always want to get the job done.

Cutting, digging, veggie plot emptying, bulb planting and rose pruning all in one day - front and back. The garden is ready for it's winter sleep.


I'm always trying to make the most out of my autumn/winter garden as I find that I have a true summer garden. I try to find objects that add some fun to the bleak emptiness and the flowerless, beeless, butterflyless garden. So when I saw the simple wreaths in the recent Martha Stewart Living I decided to make my own rose wreath.


I'm really happy with the simple result it gives. It's just a bunch of branches turned round and a simple pink ribbon adds some glee. I love the wildness of it, how roses should be.

Don't hang it on a door as it will get you tangled up. I got tangled up so many times making the wreath as it got stuck to me fleece and in my hair.