Paper Candle Houses


Now that the living room is turned into ground zero we've moved to the dining room. The three of us spend our evenings and weekends in there and we don't really miss a sofa or a comfy chair as we are quite the table people.


I love a good table where I can sit at and make stuff while I eat, drink and chat to Boris and my friends. There will definitely be a big table in the new living room.


Over the weekend (at the table) I've made these houses for you to download.

Download the templates and print them on 220-250 grams A4 sized paper. Cut out the templates and fold and glue where needs folding and gluing (instructions can be found on the template). Place a tea light in them and ta-da. Please be careful with paper and fire, I can not be held responsible for when your paper house burns down or your own house.




And although Bo and I are table people, Boo is sometimes a table cat preferable at dinner time. But mostly she likes a comfortable chair that just fits her.


I'd love to see your paper houses so don't forget to ping or link back. Have fun!