Living Room Under Construction


And now that the boot room is all happy and white we're cracking on to the largest room on the ground floor and that's the living room. This is the bare living room today. I don't mind seeing the bones of a room before covering it up and making it pretty.

This room once used to be two rooms but one of the previous owners made it to one room and took the old fireplaces out and placed a new one in the centre of the two rooms, making it the heart of the room. Although the fireplace isn't original and a bit plump we are going to leave the layout of the room for what it is as we like the thought of having a fire going while we eat, read, watch TV, work, entertain and lounge.


This will be the eating part of the room and the top picture will be the seating part of the room. The kitchen is behind the door in the back.

It may look like chaos but it's not as we go incredible fast. All the old plaster, beams, crappy woodwork etc. are stripped. During the week Bo and I pulled all the cables through for the new electricity and today Bo connected all the new sockets. We cheered loudly by each tested socket that worked. That's so exciting, pulling cables, plugging it into the mainframe and by magic everything works. Tomorrow we are going to start on the ceiling as it's going to be lowered a wee bit, after that we'll have to put a new floor in as this one is covered in glue.


And in a month's time the magical plaster people will walk out leaving it slick and clean. After that it's painting, bookcase making and decorating!!

I've been thinking about colours, Farrow & Ball's Blue Gray or Light Blue instead ... tiles, what sort of tiles for the fire place? I love this process, I love finding furniture and thinking cushion fabrics. I don't mind all the mess and dust as I know it's for a good cause.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be spending mine in the above room.